February 24, 2014

Manifesting Dreams Through Actions. ~ Shivani Howe


Someone asked me last week if I would write a few words on being clear versus being cryptic around something you are attempting to manifest.

I believe there are two different perspectives to looking at this experience. They don’t contradict each other, they are synonymous, however, they do take different levels of consciousness to embody or act on.

The first perspective is from an individual living life, manifesting, and acting through the filters of karma; the second is what yogi’s aspire too.

Clarity verus being cryptic through action comes down to the level of functioning of Manipura Chakra. This is the home of the present moment, shame, service, anger, contentment and action.

The individual’s paradigm of Manipura Chakra is to peak with personal power and personal wealth.

When we dream, we become discontent because we are not living that dream. We act towards the dream using our own will, we manifest what we wanted, we’re “happy” but usually only until the next aspiration or ‘want’ surfaces; then our discontent and the cycle of desire continues. This creates karma and does not bring a life of contentment but rather a life of continual craving and seeking to fulfill endless desires.

In the West, the fulfillment of material desires typically defines success. If the dream is not satisfied in the way we wish it to be, we get dismayed, throw a tantrum into regressive patterning (for example getting drunk). We see it as a failure and give up on our dream.

Manifesting our dream is not magically going to take us out of suffering and make our life better.

Self-worth being built upon success in the Third Dimension is like building castles on sand. As soon as we encounter difficulty, it falls over. Our gold (as opposed to self worth) is a life steeped in trust of the journey and the knowledge that we are always doing our best. This has the ability to witness difficulty and creatively solve issues as they arise.

Because the problem and our worth are not synonymous.

There is, however, a higher purpose of Manipura Chakra and that is to live in service to thy will—thus leading to “non-doership” and a life of surrendered contentment, rooted in trust. For example, each action of which we partake in is not done for its promise of a certain outcome to our liking, but as an offering with non-attachment to the outcome. We do not tell the Universe how to reach our goals, but rather trust that our goals will be met through our own hard work and effort when and if that goal is in the most high.

Both my will and thy will are manifested and expressed through action.

When our actions are clear they are steeped in power, Divine support (regardless of if it “succeeds” in 3D eyes). Cryptic action is steeped in shame and the fear of failure, which is the shadow side of Manipura’s functioning. An example of unclear manifestation statement would be “I hope the universe manifests me a job that I love.” Instead of “I’m excited about manifesting a job that allows me to explore my love of creative writing. Universe I’m ready!”

A yogi’s manifestation in this reality is more a constant dialogue with the Divine rather than a bull headed dart to a desired outcome. We have a dream, this dream uplifts our spirit, we then need to act towards this dream.

But here is how the experiences differ: as yogis, we are taught to release “doership” and surrender to thy will. Doing this does not relinquish your dreams. Far from it, the Divine needs us to dream. To dream love, to dream beauty, dream light into reality—but the dream is a portal into a conversation of what is thy will to be.

The dream, is the portal to conscious living. In my experience, it stems from intention of qualities rather than hard edged physical stuff. When my intention, my dream, is to embody a quality of compassion, or critical thinking, or kindness or problem solving, of service, then how this dream manifests itself is open to many options and angles.

So we dream, it starts with its quality, it then manifests in our mind how we think that it could make itself a reality; then we act. After the action we wait for a reply from the Divine. If yes… the energy will be there to proceed to the next stage, if the Divine does not support the path… the energy won’t be there for the next stage.

To only let manifest what is in the most high is a prerequisite conversation, one has with the Divine. “What is thy will?” Then the journey is to hone your senses of perception as to where the Universe needs to you to be in service.

When we aspire to thy will, this is Dharma; our destiny. This is how the Divine speaks. We cannot get hung up on how we think it “should” look like in this 3D reality. Instead we move back and forth from the quality, to the action, then check in, to the quality, to the action.

Always looking, checking, inquiring, listening to where the universe is going to support your growth.

Once you have dreamed and you know the qualities you are aspiring to manifest. Act, take a step with clarity. Then listen, and surrender and let the Divine show you how it can create something amazing through you.

When following this path, by the time our dream has manifested, we are no longer interested in its 3D rewards.

The process shows us that the feeling of connection, communication, being a medium for thy will and being intimately in conversation with the Divine is in fact, living the dream.

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