The Sneakiness of Shame. ~ Amani Omejer

Via Amani Omejer
on Feb 21, 2014
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Over the last year, Brene Brown has become the soundtrack to my journey.

She talks of shame, vulnerability, and connection, with a brilliant humour and refreshing humanness.

I listen to the talk above, at least once a month. Her words never cease to bring a verbal band-aid to my experience. It’s often not until I listen to it, that I suddenly realize shame has been—or is—the thing running the show, and screwing me over.

I realize shame is convincing me that solitude is the answer. Shame is coming up with elaborate stories as to why I don’t deserve goodness, love, or fortune. Shame is telling me I am not good enough. Shame is yelling that my vulnerability is weakness.

Shame is a sneaky bitch.

In order to soothe it, we need empathy and connection. Two things that shame can so easily convince us, are the worst ideas, ever. Or that there is no chance in hell, that we deserve them. But they’re not, and we do.

They’re the best gift we can give ourselves in those shame-ridden moments.

So tuck into your courage, lean into your vulnerability, and go kick shame in the nuts.

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About Amani Omejer

Amani Omejer is a writer and editor living in the green city of Bristol, UK. She spends her time writing, drawing cartoons, and tucking herself into pockets of nature. She believes in the importance of telling your story, connecting with nature, laughing, photographing moments, good food, clothes swapping, adventure, cold water swimming, drinking herbs, and napping. She tells her story on her blog. You can follow that and her other writings via Facebook, her website, or Instagram (@amaniomejer).


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