The Year of New Traditions.

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Recently, I decided that 2014 is The Year of New Traditions.

If I remember correctly, this decision was made about a month ago. Of the new traditions I have recently created, the best and most eloquent is this:

“If something appears to be unpleasant, I will do everything in my power to make it pleasant by doing whatever it is I have to do to make it so.”

In keeping with this new tradition, I decided to get an incredibly wacky updo and make up job to get my new driver’s license. Why? Well, think about spending an hour or two standing in line at the DMV and you will have your answer.

I went to my favorite hair salon in my local shopping mall and I told my stylist to make me look crazy, but not just-got-out-of-bed or sloppy crazy. I wanted to look intentionally crazy, which, as most of us know, is a completely wonderful and entertaining form of crazy. Especially when considering who we are entertaining: ourselves.

It was a huge success. Especially considering how entertained I was by all the people looking at me like I was crazy. I am almost certain I felt the exact same way Jennifer Aniston feels when she walks through a mall; like everyone is pointing at her and talking about how amazing she looks.

Where, you might ask, did I get the inclination to do such a thing? The place where every great idea comes from: Mary Poppins.

“In every job that must be done there is an element of fun. Find the fun and snap! The job’s a game.

Yes, I added a spoon full of sugar to my DMV experience and I, in return have a gift that will keep on giving for the rest of my life if I choose, an ID that will make me chuckle every time I am asked for it.

So far, I am killing it in 2014.

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About Sara Young

Sara Young is a writer, artist, cyclist, amateur yogi, and avid poetry appreciator. Originally from Chicago, Illinois, Sara is presently undertaking a project which she hopes will turn the tide and inspire people to love, accept, and show compassion for themselves and each other. She is traveling the US handing out love stickers and telling people they are awesome, and when she can, talking to people about the importance of remembering that love unites everyone. She is a Freedom Fighter, a Creative Adventurer, a bringer of light, and the owner of Eloquent as Fuck, a company whose mission it is to help people live boldly and confidently in their own skin, loving the ride as they go through their wild and wonderful lives. You can follow A Love Rebellion at


22 Responses to “The Year of New Traditions.”

  1. yogini says:

    You are braver than I!

  2. amahrey says:

    this makes me really happy. nicely done.

  3. Kenna says:

    How great this is! Thank you for sharing! I’d love to see the final photo!

  4. saray438 says:

    Thanks so much! I will post the final photo tomorrow. I am doing one blog post a day for elephant journal. It is one of my other New Traditions.

  5. Sue says:

    Wow-love this! Most of us end up hating our drivers license photo anyway. So what a great way to have fun with it!

  6. Elizabeth says:

    Adorable! What a truly fun idea! Fun approach and can be applied in different ways to many situations…

  7. Kevin says:

    Yes! Whenever I get my picture taken for use on photo ID, I make the goofiest smile possible (think Tom Cruise in Risky Business: "Looks like University of Illinois!"). Even better, the last couple of times I've renewed or replaced my license, I've been able to do so online—meaning I've been able to use the photo they took of me in 2005. Never fails to get at least a giggle from bank tellers and store clerks who ask to check my ID.

  8. Chandra says:

    LOVE this! Last time I had a photo taken for my passport, I happened to schedule it right after a new haircut. I liked the cut, but the way the hairdresser styled it was finger-in-a-socket, mental-asylum-escapee c-r-a-z-y! I did my best to smooth it down but just ended up making it look like crazy-that-has-been-slept-on-a-bit. This, coupled with the fact that you're not allowed to smile for passport photos, resulted in the most disturbingly demented-looking image I have ever had the displeasure to have to show to customs officials. Seriously. Whenever I tell people about it, they're all, "It can't be THAT bad," and then they see it and they're all, "………………Oh. Wow."

    I have had to live with this embarrassing passport photo for the last four years, but now, inspired by your post, I am going to pretend it was intentional and display it to airline officials with glee. THANK YOU!

  9. Bailey says:

    Love it – a great reminder 🙂 And the Mary Poppins quote should be framed and hung up on my wall!!!!

  10. caroline says:

    LOVE IT! LOVE IT! Last year was a very hard year for so many of my friends, illness, divorce,loss of employment. Even for myself I couldn't avoid crap from a year I call craptastic and was diagnosed with ms. So I decided to start have fun and making my friends and Family have fun as well. Some Family members have not enjoyed it but I feel if I keep working hard at it they too will pull the stick out of their ( you know what) and join the fun. Life should be silly, fun and full of laughter!!!!

  11. John Bisceglia says:

    This is precisely why I consider you one of the most AWESOME people I know!

  12. Keynajo says:

    I love, love, love this…It made me laugh on a day I couldn't find much to laugh at….I bet you have lots of fun in your life….♥ ♥ ♥

  13. encounterillumination says:


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