February 3, 2014

Transitions of Life.


It’s not news that I am a lover of all things having to do with yoga.

I love that what seems like a form of exercise to some, is a way of life for others.

I love the spiritual elements that are intertwined with the balancing on one foot or the sparks of light that flare up in the midst of a powerful meditation. I love that my most humble, grateful, and quite frankly, real moments have been on my yoga mat; I love that I have been brought to my knees  I love when yoga begins to feel like a dance of intricate movements powered by the ultimate source of life: the breath.

Lately I have been thinking about the term “vinyasa,” and the roots of the word, which can literally translate to “placing in a specific way.” In other words, vinyasa yoga is centered around the undeniable power of intention and the beauty of the transitions that move us, mentally, physically, spiritually and emotionally, from point A to point B.

Both on and off the mat, the transitions are the most significant, for it is in the midst of movement and change, that we grow the most. Practicing vinyasa is like dancing with life; creating the building blocks of creativity, spontaneity, and growth.

Forming a continuous flow of movement in conjunction with the breath is like riding the waves of our own existence, transforming not only the physical body, but more importantly, in the midst of transition, transforming the mind—to be more aware and awake, as if to say, “hello world, I’m ready to shine.” And suddenly, instead of merely doing the yoga, the yoga effortlessly begins to do us…

From pose to pose, breath to breath and moment to moment, we experience highs and lows—literally and metaphorically. Sometimes, we need to stand upside down to truly see right side up; to find stillness amidst chaos, along the weaving pathways of the miraculous maze of the mind.

The key is to move with intention, one mindful step at a time, acknowledging that each step, each breath, each movement, are transitions along the journey of transformation and of happiness. The practice lies in the breath and the ability to stay curious, patient, and most importantly, passionate.

I am a lover of all things having to do with yoga because yoga is a lover of everything that really matters.

With focus, intuition and intention, come strength, youth, wisdom, gratitude, and the kind of connection to oneself that we all, on some level, crave.

Whether it is from warrior one to warrior two, Cleveland to San Francisco, or corporate CEO to full-time yoga teacher, it is the transitions that make life, like yoga, an ongoing practice in presence.


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