February 17, 2014

Voice in The Head. ~ Edith Lazenby


We all have one.

Mine is tempered because I take medication for a thought disorder. The good news is that I don’t have endless chatter and the bad news is since I don’t “hear” a voice I miss the underlying judgments that line my heart.

What I don’t hear is that I mainstreamed Netflix all weekend and maybe I could use my time better.

What I don’t hear is I did not do a home asana practice since last week.

What I don’t hear myself talk about is the friends who don’t call for no reason.

What I don’t hear is the book I am not writing.

What I don’t hear are the chores that need doing.

But what do I hear?

I hear I love my students. I hear I love to teach. I hear the blessings of family, my father’s voice and my mother’s mantra: “hugs, hugs, hugs.” I hear I love to write. I hear I thrive on sharing and giving and helping who I can.

I hear I am determined. I hear I am strong. I hear I am resilient. I hear I am a survivor.

But today I want to do more than survive: I want to thrive.

I want to thrive on the love in my heart and the blessings of all the care I find in the world. I want to thrive on my dreams. I want to thrive on hope. I want to thrive on a faith that knows no matter what, I will be okay.

So what do your voices say? What is the attitude that informs your voice?

Today I know my voices may be wordless, hence more insidious.  But the attitude that informs such voices of judgment is shifting in the ether.

Today I know I have choices. And if I choose to watch Netflx for a weekend I choose to celebrate what I watch. If I choose to skip my asana, I know my yoga can inform how I engage the rest of my day. Today I know who my friends are, and some call more often than others. The book remains in my womb but it has its seeds. And chores always need to be done and if they don’t get done, they don’t get done.

Make your choice. Be conscious. And let your voice love you. You might be surprised.



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