February 19, 2014

We Are Worthy of Our Dreams. ~ Robin Stremlow

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“If we believe ourselves worthy of our dreams, then we become instruments of God.”

~ Paulo Coehlo

During a yoga class last week, our teacher moved us through a simple meditation on our chakras, using hand mudras and mantras to help tune in and awaken our energy centers that may have been a bit too still or under stimulated.

We started with our root chakra, gaining awareness of our tribal roots, our right to exist, to have things, to be here. We then moved to our sacral chakra, feeling our pleasure center, the joy of being, of lusting, of bliss. Then we moved to our solar plexus chakra—our third chakra, located in our stomachs right behind our belly buttons. I remember her using the words “personal power, self-confidence, self-worth.” And then she said, “this is where we feel worthy of chasing our dreams.”

My calm and cool yogic composure dissolved in this universal truth that had been waiting for the right time to present itself; I broke.

Almost immediately I was overwhelmed with emotion: tears welled up in my eyes and my stomach started to fold, almost as if my third chakra was collapsing in on itself; almost as if something I’d known, somewhere deep within, had been stoked, sparked, and reignited—given life and given a voice.

I became aware of the truth in her words. I realized, powerfully, that we (me, you, every last one of us!) are worthy of our dreams. Our guts know it. Our guiding centers buried deep within our bodies know we are worthy of everything we want for this life.

My third chakra spoke loud and clear to me, so loud that I haven’t a clue what was said or what we were instructed to do as we moved through our remaining chakras. I was glued to this truth about dreams, about the power we each have to make our dreams a reality.

The first step to reaching our goals is for each of us is to recognize what the pulls are deep inside our soul.

What do we want? What do we wish for? What is it that may compliment and excite our unique selves—that thing or set of things that are so perfectly crafted for us, for our simple beautiful beings?

Whatever it is—being a writer, a painter, a mother, an actress, a fashion designer, a teacher, traveling the world, creating a community of like-minds in our cities, educating others on health and wellness, knowing all there is to know about absolutely anything!—we are worthy of it.

Something far greater than ourselves planted a seed inside our souls long before we existed. We’re on a lifelong journey to recognize the potential life in these seeds, to plant them once the conditions are right, to nurture and care for them each day until they blossom, and then to marvel and awe at their beauty as they grow and surpass any limits we were foolish enough to place on them in our prior limiting lifestyle.

Our dreams are beautiful.

We are beautiful.

Our dreams need our bodies and our minds to manifest. It’s up to us to let the magic flow, to let the passion pour out of our hearts and into our dreams. It takes personal power and self-love and confidence and bravery to run after our dreams, but I guarantee, once we decide to dream the big dreams and chase after them without hesitation, we’ll live lives full of beauty and majesty and excitement and grace.

And we will be instruments of God: instruments of a good and truthful power far greater than we will ever know, but we will be living truly, honestly, and in line with our unique purposes on this planet.

So today, let us each dream a big big big dream. Take some time to quiet our logical minds, to soothe our overworked and overburdened souls—to turn inward and let the lights within us reignite in the beauty of our desires. Let our guts, our manipura chakras, tell us what it is we want. Let them light us up and fill us with passion! Let’s dissolve our egos into this truth, and then be us as big and as boldly as we can be.

Let’s live our dreams, beautiful souls. Let us each live exactly as we’re meant to live. Let us know what it is we’re meant to know. And let us do each and every thing we want to do. Because this, my friends, is why we’re here and this is what will make our world a better place for everyone now and everyone to come.

So shine on, you crazy diamonds!

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Assistant Editor: Paige Vignola / Editor: Catherine Monkman

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