February 7, 2014

What to Do with A Plethora of Cardboard Boxes. {Photos}


Remember the parents who convinced their kids that their toy dinosaurs come to life while they sleep?

Just when you thought creative parenting couldn’t get more fun than that, along come these folks: Lily and Leon Orson.

Finding themselves with a surplus of cardboard boxes, after a move, this couple decided to shoot photos of themselves with their baby, re-creating scenes from popular films!

Some of the awesome film (and family) photography includes:

JAWS: “I think we need a bigger boat!”


Apollo 13: Check it out, I think mom is doing a headstand to get this shot!


Indiana Jones and The Temple of Doom: “No time for love, Dr. Jones!”


The Breakfast Club: “Answer the question, Claire!”


And even “The John Hurt Moment” from Alien!


What a fun way to create some quality family time and hilarious photos!

I’ve got to give these awesome, creative parents a big Two-Thumbs-Up!

To see more of these “blockbuster” photos, check out what’s showing here

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