February 26, 2014

Yogis Say the Funniest Things. {Video}

Namaste and lanterns

Follow your bliss! Open your third eye! Align your chakras!

To the uninitiated, yoga speak can seem pretty weird.

Who are these people queueing in front of the studio every morning, rubber mat in one hand, expensive non-BPA water bottle filled with grass clippings in the other?

Heavens, all they do in that workout room is sleep! I know—I’ve peeked in the window before! How can you burn any calories like that? In my day, we hiked seven miles to work and bench-pressed small automobiles for fun and carved roads out of mountains!

And, that singing at the end? Would it hurt the poor dears to take some voice lessons?

Has that kombucha tea and hemp milk finally gone to their brains? Did the headstands shake something loose?

You get the picture.

As yogis, we really do get to know our minds and bodies better. We develop some relief from tight hips and shoulders. We sleep better. We find we are more able to handle the minor annoyances of life—like when people are mean to us or we get cut off in traffic. Gradually, we gain a handle on the bigger, more challenging stuff. We wax poetically about subtle states of being to anybody with the good fortune (or misfortune) to listen! We want to share the love with everyone who can manage to open their heart chakras to our musings and meanderings.

In our process of discovery, we may develop a habit for rare foodstuffs from the furthest corners of the universe or adopt eccentric personal habits that make our loved ones want to run for the hills!

Depending on one’s perspective, this focus on self may come across as a tad…ahem…self-absorbed. Understandable.

Luckily, for jokesters and parodists, the modern, consumerist yoga movement can be pretty low-hanging fruit.

Did you drink WAAYYY too much kombucha last night?

Did you know carrot sticks are nature’s candy? And apples are actually nature’s toothbrush?

Now you do!

Released by Lululemon, “Sh*t Yogis Say” pokes fun at the wacky things yogis have been wont to say. Love it or loathe it, you have to admit it is pretty funny!



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Editor: Jenna Penielle Lyons

Photos: flickr/Olga Kruglova

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