10 Photos you’ve never seen that You’ll Never Forget.

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For the Featured Image, here.

Okay, these photos might not change your life, but they will wake up your present moment, and that’s what life is made up of.

And they may not be unforgettable, but the notion that there is an infinity of amazing-ness in our universe, world, society and nature is profound, and exciting, and inspiring for those days when it’s all we can do to get off the couch and out of the house. 

Enjoy. I did.

All photos via  (i.imgur.com)



Sunrise over Myanmar.


A Canadian Bus Stop that promotes health, happiness and humor:


“My new profile pic, courtesy of Hurricane Sandy.”


“Winter in Krakow.”


This happens more and more, in Colorado. “Great photo of the Colorado Fire smoke, taken by accident by my stepfather showing not only the hell he is driving towards, but the untouched sky he is leaving.”


“The difference 39 years can make.”


I took this photo with my telescope. Over 38 hours exposure time went into it.


You may have seen this one, and other equally amazing, here:

40 Historic Photos that still open our Eyes.



3D Street Art.”

And, finally…I love this so much:

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10 Responses to “10 Photos you’ve never seen that You’ll Never Forget.”

  1. Robert Chaffee says:

    where's the kiss photo ??

  2. Guest says:

    The wonderful world we live in.. <3

  3. blank_wisdom says:

    “I took this photo with my telescope. Over 38 hours exposure time went into it.” Any concise explanation on how to manage such long "exposures"? Obviously, a continuous exposure of 38 hours means that by the end of the time, your are photographing the opposite side of the universe, due to earth rotation. I assume ideal universe screening imply bigger telescopes and shorter exposure times! So I guess the 38 hours picture exposure (if it was really taken by the claimant with his home telescope!!) involves discontinuous night exposures combined, but again, each night the telescope will be situated at a different position due to earth displacement? Is that displacement relatively short compare to the distance of the object pictured as to not blur the picture?

  4. Aleks says:

    Where are the credits??? You’re ignoring copyright laws by posting these on your blog without giving the artist credit. You’re basically stealing their work. Bloggers should know better. You include source of a quote, you should include name of each person who took the photograph.

    • elephantjournal says:

      It says in the post: all photos via Imgur. If you have further concerns, please feel free to email us at [email protected]. – Eds.

      • JapanDave says:

        I agree with Aleks. You are stealing. Anyone who has been on the web more than a few months knows Imgur is full of copyrighted photos that anyone and everyone uploads, very few of them with credit. I am a photographer and many of my photos have been uploaded there by various people who downloaded them from Flickr and ignored copyright, uploading them to Imgur to make them easier to share. Few of us artists have the resources to legally fight every place that people upload our photos to, and fewer of us have the time to scour the web for all violations of our copyright. I'm sure it is the same with many of these photos you have used in this piece, so chances are pretty good you won't so much as hear a peep from the photographers who actually took these photos. That doesn't mean it is ok to use them. Your entire website is based on being good spiritual people. Stealing other people's photos, not giving them credit, and then hiding behind a site where it is easy for anyone to upload anything ("well they did it so it must be ok") is frankly beneath you and is completely against the message your site tries to give. If there is such a thing as karma, by doing this you are scoring plenty of negative of it.

  5. Lil says:

    Any chance of a link to the picture I saw in the link to this piece – a man hugging what looked like a giant tusk?

  6. Brian says:

    Just loved the 10 photos, particularly "winter in Kraków" – classic black & white which showcases the colour of life. Great photo.

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