March 30, 2014

14 Things I Don’t Do Anymore.

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These are just a few little things I have learned along the way. When I have let go of these—I have experienced such liberation, joy and peace within myself.

1. Wake up and look at Facebook right away. Instead I make a perfect latte and read something spiritual to feed my soul for the day and set the tone for how for how I want it to unfold.

2. Rush around scrambling for time. Instead I give myself more time even if that includes waking up much earlier to do things I want to accomplish which allows me to slow down. This allows me to practice being mindful with all my thoughts and actions along with practicing being in the moment. Rushing around is an offense to the soul.

3. Criticize or judge others—if I do this I am only judging and criticizing myself. Everyone is an extension of me.

4. Gossip. Gossiping destroys our consciousness and weakens our being. Instead I remove myself and don’t engage in it at all costs.

5. Speak harshly about myself. Our body and mind listens to every thought and word we speak to ourselves. Instead I practice compassion for myself and acceptance.

6. Eat animals and their by-products. This keeps me in alignment with ahimsa (non-violence) and because of it I feel I am making a difference to all beings and the planet.

7. Watch TV, read or listen to the news. Most of the time it is filled with negative propaganda and impressions. If it’s important enough the information will find me.

8. Swear as much. The more the hard shell of my existence crumbles (the identity of what I think I am) the more my being softens and the less I feel compelled to use such harsh words. We are defined by our words.

9. Emotional eating and stuffing myself with food until I am sick and depressed. Instead I sit with myself and work through all the painful emotions and allow myself to feel them with intense depth and awareness. This floods my being with pure consciousness thus they get eliminated from my system—leaving me free from old pains and grievances.

10. Request and require the approval to others. Nothing is more liberating than being Self-approved. Needing others approval keeps us in bondage and limits our expansion.

11. Compare myself to others. This is poison to our system. When I compare myself to others it’s a sign that I am not living to my peak potential and authenticity. Instead I celebrate my uniqueness and express myself authentically.

12. Pretend to be something I am not. We all wear masks to hide who we really are for many reasons. This keeps the ego functioning to full capacity and in suffering. When we drop the masks—our full potential shines through and we gain power and energy through self-expression.

13. Interrupt others while they are speaking either externally or internally. Which means while they are speaking I am not allowing myself to be distracted with my thoughts of what I am going to say next or thinking about something else like what I am going to have for dinner. Instead I hold the space for pure listening to happen. When I listen to others I listen to myself.

14. Lie to myself. Instead I honor my true being—who I really am, with all its flaws, imperfections and its beauty. I am not limited to boundaries or my ego. When I let go of this I remember who I really am—which is pure consciousness a reflection of Divinity.

When I look back at this list I can see how far I have come on this journey of transformation—it has not been easy but it is possible. It’s a slow and steady process but the results are long standing. Life is a practice and to be enjoyed.


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Bharath Feb 24, 2016 3:07am

I would just like to say thank you for this, This is really inspired to make up list.

I really need this.

Thank You.

karen katz Jul 23, 2015 3:06pm

I love this list, and practice most of what you wrote down.

Got off FB again recently-THAT was a good decision.

Elephant Journal keeps me in touch with things.

(also I still read a couple of newspapers/day, but I tend to skim them more,

and NPR is on while I drive-I feel as if I’m pretty aware

of what’s going on without overdoing it.)

Donna Jun 25, 2015 10:01am

I read this list long ago, and it inspired me to make my own list. I printed a copy and tucked it inside a book that I read most days. My list is a simple reminder of how I want to be. Thank you for helping me see myself reflected in your article..that gave me hope and a place to begin. Namaste

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Sarvasmarana Ma Nithya

Sarvasmarana Ma Nithya is spiritual activist and enlightenment junkie sharing and expressing the Divine that lives within. She has lived in India, off and on, the last few years while studying with her guru Paramahamsa Nithyananda—a rare living incarnation from South India. Sarvasmarana is a Soul Purpose Facilitator and utilizes intuitive guidance to help you cause your reality. She believes that when one transforms oneself, we are transforming the entire cosmos. You can connect with her on Facebook, Twitter and her blog.