6 Smartest Things We Can Do for Ourselves Every Night & Morning.

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Starting my day feeling refreshed, organized and not in a panic is key if I want the rest of my day to feel generally good.

This is what my nightly preparation looks like:

Spend some time snuggling the animals.

Clear out any child related to-dos (lunches, school paperwork.)

Brush my teeth, wash my face, snuggle into some comfortable PJs.

Sit quietly for 10 minutes. (Sometimes I meditate and sometimes I just listen to music.)

What does yours look like?

I think I’ll be adding a few things to my list, now.

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About Catherine Monkman

Catherine Monkman is a shy, friendly Canadian living in a small house with her two nearly-perfect children, two kitties and two goofy dogs. Cat spends her free time reading, growing vegetables and cooking them, traveling, and learning life lessons courtesy of and along with her family. Cat began contributing as a typo vigilante and now eagerly serves as an editor, writer, and student of the mindful life.


6 Responses to “6 Smartest Things We Can Do for Ourselves Every Night & Morning.”

  1. Gopal says:

    As it is mentioned, we used to do these steps when we were kids, but we have forgotten these simple and powerful steps when we get in to adulthood. I will start this routine from today and see how it goes for next one week. All the best to me!!

    Thanks a lot for sharing this Catherine:) Love you!

  2. George says:

    It is a nice infografic. I didn't know this information!

  3. Jordan says:

    Do we really need to be suggesting that people take a "nice, long" shower in the middle of a drought? I'm sure there are other product ways to center in the morning.

  4. Mary says:

    Thanks for a great post Catherine-
    Simple approach with grand results!

  5. Royal says:

    Something I do every morning now, as well as before I go to bed because of to much time on the computer at night: dry brush… using the exollating glove, just use small circles, and scrub the skin, not to harshly from head to toe. I could go on about all the benefits, but the surprise I discovered at night was that it "grounded" me got rid of the computer static, the day… I felt more relaxed and ready for bed. In the AM I dry burgh apply coconut out, lightly, let it sink in for a moment, then take my morning shower. So easy… Royal

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