6 Smartest Things We Can Do for Ourselves Every Night & Morning.

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Starting my day feeling refreshed, organized and not in a panic is key if I want the rest of my day to feel generally good.

This is what my nightly preparation looks like:

Spend some time snuggling the animals.

Clear out any child related to-dos (lunches, school paperwork.)

Brush my teeth, wash my face, snuggle into some comfortable PJs.

Sit quietly for 10 minutes. (Sometimes I meditate and sometimes I just listen to music.)

What does yours look like?

I think I’ll be adding a few things to my list, now.

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About Cat Monkman

Catherine Monkman is a shy, friendly Canadian living in a small house with her two nearly-perfect children, two kitties, and a goofy dog. Cat spends her free time reading, gardening, cooking, journaling, and learning life lessons courtesy of and along with her family. Cat began contributing as a typo vigilante and now eagerly serves as an editor, writer, and student of the mindful life.


6 Responses to “6 Smartest Things We Can Do for Ourselves Every Night & Morning.”

  1. Gopal says:

    As it is mentioned, we used to do these steps when we were kids, but we have forgotten these simple and powerful steps when we get in to adulthood. I will start this routine from today and see how it goes for next one week. All the best to me!!

    Thanks a lot for sharing this Catherine:) Love you!

  2. George says:

    It is a nice infografic. I didn't know this information!

  3. Jordan says:

    Do we really need to be suggesting that people take a "nice, long" shower in the middle of a drought? I'm sure there are other product ways to center in the morning.

  4. Mary says:

    Thanks for a great post Catherine-
    Simple approach with grand results!

  5. Royal says:

    Something I do every morning now, as well as before I go to bed because of to much time on the computer at night: dry brush… using the exollating glove, just use small circles, and scrub the skin, not to harshly from head to toe. I could go on about all the benefits, but the surprise I discovered at night was that it "grounded" me got rid of the computer static, the day… I felt more relaxed and ready for bed. In the AM I dry burgh apply coconut out, lightly, let it sink in for a moment, then take my morning shower. So easy… Royal

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