March 13, 2014

A Mind-Blowing Way to Unlock Our True Potential.

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I enjoy trying new things—there is no question about that.

Some stick with me, and others are passed off as just another lesson I learned in the big game of life. New experiences, offered up in roundabout ways and with the opportunity for learning, show me a different side of myself that I never thought possible.

Since I am a dreamer, a seeker and a curious soul, I was given the chance to tap even further into my true potential and see what a holistic awareness-type method of understanding my motives in life were all about.

I was recently intrigued by this process of evaluating energy levels and how my brain works on the subconscious as well as the conscious realm of life. Balancing the spiritual with the physical and the emotional, I discovered where and how I was resisting the growth to being one with my best self, and it was truly humbling, not to mention awesome. A good dose of reality never hurt this astrological air sign, as I welcomed this with an open mind.

I was happily surprised to learn what leads my heart in this world, the capacity I have to love, and where I could benefit from my own energy levels. This was no test. I answered some poignant and real life questions on an Energy Leadership Assessment, a straightforward measure of reducing stress, overcoming obstacles in life, and furthering growth and expansion.

Wow, is all I can say. I was so excited to understand more in depth about what makes me tick.

Any brain can improve. It requires training and patience.

I wasn’t even sure how it worked and whether my brain needed any wake-up call, yet I was excited to grasp the notion that success on all levels can happen with a few tweaks.

This assessment was pretty cool, to say the least, as I’m on the precipice of furthering my momentum and development on a few matters that mean the world to me. It was more than pleasing to establish a greater awareness of my overall energy, from top to bottom. The energy leadership index ensures that your energy is working for you rather than against you.

There are basically two types of energy: catabolic and anabolic.

Catabolic energy is draining, resisting and contracting energy.

While it provides an energetic boost to alleviate what we perceive to be a stressful situation, it can be somewhat distracting over the long term in how we perceive things where there might be resistance. Mentally, emotionally and physically, catabolic energy takes a toll, as our choices in life appear to be limited.

Anabolic, on the other hand, is expansive, healing, constructive and growth-oriented.

Some of the best known leaders have a wealth of anabolic energy. Things flow, there are positive results, solutions and outcomes happen more frequently, and there is a more conscious view on the world around us.

The assessment will give you an idea on how you show up in all areas of your life and what type of impact you might have on others. It was rather eye-opening to me, as I realize that my habit of saying “I don’t know” is a good thing, and can open up more possibilities than ever before.

Reacting to stress versus responding with proper intention alleviates all kinds of headaches and heartaches. Plus, the ability to lead our lives in a direction that best suits our desires is definitely an energetic plus.

According to the assessment there are seven levels of energy, with the self-perception of each level measuring everything from core feelings to core thoughts to the action and result that would occur, the final stage being transcendence into self-mastery and consciousness.

What I found so intriguing is that this could all parallel the seven-point chakra system, as the neuroscience behind this assessment is leading all types of individuals into a more holistic well-being and greater awareness of their lives. Here is a summary of the seven levels of energy:

Level one: victim mode. The feeling that you are trapped by your situation and are crippled with guilt, fear, worry and doubt. (catabolic energy)

Level two: conflict and resistance. This energy is also catabolic and views everything as right or wrong, good or bad, black or white. The motto being “I win, so therefore, you must lose.” (Defiance)

Level three: taking responsibility for your thoughts and actions. The beginning of anabolic energy by beginning to feel as though “I win, so therefore, you must win too.” Starting to think about the other person winning as well, which is achieved through forgiveness, compromise and release.

Level four: moderately anabolic with the main energy being a concern for others. There is compassion for everyone, and a true desire to inspire and be inspired by those around you, a real need to serve. This is a high level of energy and can lead to great success because the focus is on the “other.”

Level five: the greatest leaders possess this energy, as they are highly conscious and “play the game of life.” The core thought of level five energy is reconciliation and acceptance of differences, knowing that you aren’t here to change or judge anyone, but rather to realize everything as an opportunity.

Level six: people with this energy see everything and everyone as the whole or part of themselves. This very high anabolic energy accounts for conscious leaders who are visionaries and brilliant innovators, seeing that all that happens in life has purpose and value.

Level seven: the highest level of anabolic energy denotes fearlessness, non-judgment, and completely objective thinking. Those who tap into this energy are the most powerful people in the world, as they consciously co-create their world and are participants and observers at the same time.

Between understanding my energetic profile and my energetic stress reaction, there is no doubt the success in my life is better managed and appreciated in all areas of mindfulness as I continue to grow and learn more.

There are no limits to potential, and as timing would have it this upcoming Virgo full moon resonates with me fully regarding my true self.  I am so grateful that learning about this technique opened up some new avenues, and gave me the wherewithal to take some vastly different approaches to how I move forward with a holistic balance between my heart, mind and soul.



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