March 9, 2014

Feeding the Spiritual Soul. ~ Melanie Jacobs


I am sort of switching my hats for a few minutes today as I write this article.

Along with Energy Healing, I am a part-time pediatric Occupational Therapist whose primary focus is on kids with sensory processing disorders. As an Occupational Therapist, I assist children and their families with activities and techniques which allow the child to function at his or her highest potential in the areas of home, school or skills of daily living.

As one can imagine it is not a task that is taken lightly and it involves many small pieces that come together to form a larger picture of his or her life. It can sometimes mean the difference between a child being labeled in school as the problem child and a child who is able to obtain rewards for good behavior or even achieve average or above average marks on his or her report card.

One of the primary goals I work toward with the children is finding the proper sensory diet that encourages the highest functioning of his or her body. A sensory diet is comprised of activities, foods, and/or exercises that work together to “feed” the nervous system. These activities, foods, and exercises are then performed through out the day either as small doses in two hour increments or in larger doses one to two times a day.

When the nervous system is satisfied throughout the day the child’s body is open and ready to interact fully with his or her environment while meeting or exceeding the expectations regarding tolerance, control and trying new things.

By now one might be thinking, “Wow this is great but what does it have to do with me? What does it have to do with Spirituality or my life journey?”

In order to open our Spirituality to its fullest potential we need to “feed” our spiritual souls on a daily basis.

Often it is not just one technique that can open the spiritual door for us. Sure some lifestyle change or tool can knock on that door or crack it open but generally we need to expand our knowledge beyond that in order to swing that door fully open.

So how does one “feed” the soul?

Feeding a nervous system requires feeding the whole body inside and outside and the same is true of feeding your soul for spiritual purposes. Following a “Spiritual Diet” is a combination effort of finding what areas in your body need balancing and seeking out the right technique to balance it.

When we find that right set of techniques, we might begin to notice that things are easier in life for us—might find it easier to sit in meditation,to firmly connect with the spirit or higher self.

One thing that is certain; we begin a lifelong journey that will leave us forever changed in a better way.

Below I will provide a few ways in which one can feed the spirit. There is a world out there that is waiting for us to discover our spiritual self, using the techniques that are comfortable for you.

Feeding the Energetic Being:

Feeding the energetic body includes dietary choices and other ways to adjust the energy levels in and around the body. Dietary changes can include reducing or eliminating food choices that leave us feeling less than optimal, while increasing foods that give us a burst of energy.

Drink choices can affect the energy levels as well so it is best to opt for herbal teas, water and other drinks that do not leave us feeling depleted of energy. Feeding our energetic system with other tools such as crystals to balance and cleanse the aura and emotions can also raise energy.

Placing consideration on external energies can also rev up or deplete our energy. Energy therapies, chakra balancing and other energetic manipulations are example of other ways to feed the energetic being. Feeding our energetic being will raise our personal vibrations so we can resonate with the highest and greatest good for the self.

Feeding the Physical Being:

Exercising can raise our vibration along with grounding the body. There is an exercise for everyone regardless of time, physical or health constraints. We can feed the physical being by respecting it when it feels under the weather and allowing time to heal or even by taking a hot bath.

We can continue to feed our physical being by connecting with the breath. Most people are not functioning at an optimal level of breathing, which results in breathing too shallow, breath holding, rapid breathing and sporadic breathing. When the breath is not happening in a deep rhythmical state, then the organs and muscles function at a less than optimal state.

When our physical being is showered with higher vibrations and self love, then it will be easier to focus the mind, still the body and relieve stress which are all necessary for a spiritual journey.

Feeding the Senses:

Feeding our body’s senses can be a direct link to the higher spiritual self if the rest of the body is prepared. Any input that comes via hearing, seeing, smelling or feeling can connect straight through the nervous system into the brain and then moving on to open other channels.

Aromatherapy, herbs, singing bowls, chanting, singing, massage and even walking barefoot on the grass are excellent ways to feed the senses. This is the area that most people focus on when trying to open the body for spirit connection but it really works best when combined with feeding the energetic being and the physical being.

Feeding the Mind:

Feeding our mind is important because it expands our vision. It can bring us out of the tunnel vision of the material world and into the vast realm of spirit.

We can feed our mind by attending seminars, wellness fairs, reading books and participating in meet up groups with like minded people. Keeping an open mind can take our spiritual journey to new levels.

Feeding the Spirit/Soul:

Feed the spirit and soul with quiet time to reflect. One will be amazed at what comes up. Some find that giving to others helps to feed the spirit, while some find that giving extra time in the day just for their own being is what feeds their spirit.

I personally feel that feeding the spirit results when the rest of the being is nurtured as they all combine to form the soul of our existence.

So I encourage you to “feed” your whole being and to go outside the box to find what really moves you.

Creating a “Spiritual Diet” by incorporating one or more idea from each area listed above and then work with it on a daily basis. I guarantee you that your inner being will bloom before your eyes and your journey with spirit will forever change for your highest and greatest good.


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