Until We Meet in the Flowering Meadow. ~ Brandie Smith

Via Brandie Smith
on Mar 6, 2014
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Thank you for the moments you dried my tears and made me laugh until my belly hurt.

You, my furry friend, have filled my life with joy.

I will miss getting up at 6:00 a.m. to take you outside. I would watch in amazement as you ran around the yard like a crazy force knowing that within minutes you would be ready to crawl back into bed to snuggle.

I will miss turning around and knowing that you are no less than two feet away from me. My perfect little shadow.

When I miss you, I will close my eyes and imagine you happily chasing little creatures in the most vibrant, flowering meadow. I will smile knowing that you keep company with the most beautiful of spirits.

And, I will find you again someday. This, I promise.


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About Brandie Smith

Brandie Smith is an INpowerment Coach, writer, teacher, energy healer, and graceful warrior. Her work with clients centers around cultivating and nurturing each individual’s unique gifts and passions to create a brilliant and meaningful life. She feels in her power when she’s creating something, anything, really…relationships, music, change, poetry, art, conversations and laughter. She loves dancing in the mystery, living on the edge, making her own rules and finding beauty in all moments. Some of her favorite things are dark chocolate, red wine, burying her toes in the sand while listening to the waves, playing with her shadow self, finding herself in dark techno music and whiskey. Brandie is currently learning, expanding and growing as an apprentice with elephant journal and Seattle Life Coach Training. You can connect with her on Facebook.


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