Patience Is A Verb. ~ Cami Krueger

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Birthday Canyon, Greenland ice sheet

Patience has never been a strong characteristic of mine.

In fact, I’ve made major life decisions based on the notion that I have little to no patience: I chose not to have more than one child based on that idea. I didn’t go to school to become a teacher, as I once wanted to, based on that notion. I’ve not even begun work toward several goals, dreams, ideals, and experiences based on the belief I held about myself and the level of patience I had or didn’t have. But that has all been an excuse.

I’ve simply been afraid. Afraid to trust myself, afraid of getting hurt, afraid of change, afraid that I don’t have what it takes to honor myself with every choice. I just didn’t believe in myself enough to trust life. Patience has since shown itself to me, raw and magnificent.

You see, breakdowns simply prepare us for a breakthrough.

Patience is not something we have. It is not a noun; patience is a verb. It is an active relaxation. We are actually required to show up to participate in being patient. It’s not something we are born with, as a commodity, or limitation. This is great news! This means we are not born with all the patience we will ever need in our lifetime. We are not limited by a predetermined number of attempts at something, because patience is always a choice. It is a choice in every moment we are alive.

The action of choosing patience is what can sometimes throw us off. It feels irresponsible at times, like there ought to be more we try to do in order to make something happen, to stay in control, to prove just how hard at work we are, to justify our exhaustion, understand our angst, and eradicate the dissatisfaction we experience.

But friends, my beautiful friends, let’s just take a collective breath…and…inhale…and, we just…exhale…





Ahhh. Now, isn’t that better?

Life changes. It’s okay. Be patient, and let it come to you. Being patient is an active acceptance, it is an inviting opening to receive whatever is being offered in the moment. If it’s painful, trust that it will change. If it’s blissful, trust that it will change. We can always trust change. Life’s energy flows toward all of us at a natural, self-sustaining flow. It is a river we are being carved by. We are the canals and the estuaries and the falls and reservoirs of this beautifully powerful life flow.

Let it move within you, rather than trying to force it to move your way, and you may find yourself amazed by the energy you find with which to absorb all of life.

Breathe. Practice patience. Love is rising. 

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About Cami Krueger

Cami Krueger lives in Utah with her husband and their beautiful daughter. She is a lover of Truth, a dreamer of dreams, and a believer in life unfolding in perfect harmony. She is an insatiable student of life. She is endlessly curious about the workings of the Universe. She loves openly, and strives to live unapologetically. She welcomes new friends and warm, deep discussions. You can connect with her on Facebook.


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