March 2, 2014

Planetary Mash-up: Happening Now & Just This Once in the Last 1,000 Years. ~ Pamela McDonough

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Mars and Saturn turning retrograde almost simultaneously in (sidereal) Libra with transiting Rahu occurs on March 1st and 2nd, 2014.

This concurrent retrograde phase and transiting mash-up of planets has not occurred in Libra in at least in the last 1,014 years.

As a matter of fact in the last 1,014 years, Mars and Saturn alone have never gone retrograde in Libra within one day of another. Even if we exclude Rahu in Libra.

In the finite amount of time that is the modern era, we are all going to experience an unparalleled planetary dance.

Even if we take out the retrograde action of Mars and Saturn, there have only been six occurrences since the year 1000 that these three (Mars, Saturn and Rahu) krura (cruel) planets have ever descended upon the normally hospitable, beauty and relationship loving sign of Libra.

Years 1158, 1306, 1511, 1660, 1688, 1837, and now February and March 2014.

There are only four instances when Mars and Saturn turned retrograde in Libra together. Years 1100, 1305, 1572 and 1747. Keep in mind that Rahu was not in Libra during those periods as it is now. Saturn and Rahu have only been together in Libra eight times in the past 1,000 years.

Will the transit of these three planets and the coinciding retrograde phases create a meaningful or dramatic event for us, and our planet?

Based upon your individual horoscope and other important predictive factors used in Jyotish we will experience these transits and this time differently.

Regardless of our individual horoscopes, there are some key factors that will come into play. If we have planets in sensitive degrees at 3° and 29° Libra, then we will most likely be feeling this shift.

If our rising sign, Sun, Moon or the ruler of our chart is placed in the sign of Libra or Virgo, or if Mars or Saturn is retrograde in our birth chart, we may also experience this shift on March 1 and 2 more dramatically than our friends and coworkers.

Generally speaking, during the first three weeks of March particularly, this planetary combination creates a tremendous confluence of krura (cruel) energy from Mars, Saturn and Rahu in the sign of Libra, that is being directed back toward Virgo.

So why is this unique combination in March potentially so challenging?

Saturn is slow and in control, disciplined, and requires a dedicated, steady pace. The commander in chief Mars wants everything to happen now, or possibly yesterday! While Rahu has tremendous desire to do things in a very unique way, and fuels our ambition to achieve whatever we desire.

These three planets function so differently and their combined energy can be quite volatile.

Mars brings the fire element to the two windy, vata inducing planets Saturn and Rahu in the airborne sign of Libra. Think of it as if there was a powerful windstorm fueling a raging forest fire. This time period will also increase vata and pitta doshas dramatically.

Quite a discordant melting pot!

Or we can think of them as three roommates who do not get along, each with conflicting agendas. And when you add to the mix that retrograde planets are three times stronger than planets in direct motion.

This planetary mash-up is not a combination for peace, love and understanding!

Another layer of complexity—Venus will be transiting Saturn’s signs of Capricorn and Aquarius for a few months starting today through April 27.

And Saturn is extremely powerful in its favorite sign of Libra.

We can almost think of this like a foreign exchange program going on until the end of April. Venus has gone to live in Saturn’s house and vice versa. This creates an impervious thread that connects these two planets, for better or for worse. For Libra and also Taurus rising, you might feel this retrograde Saturn pull due to this exchange or parivartana yoga that is created between Venus and Saturn.

Libra is such an incredibly significant sign as it relate to love and relationships in the natural order of the zodiac.

We’re quite volatile as individuals, but that doesn’t work exponentially when we are together. Relationships are about eating humble pie.

~ Guy Ritchie

We may all need to enjoy some humble pie to preserve the relationships we hold dear during this time. For those of us who do feel the fiery winds blowing, this time is the best possible period to stay calm and cool, and not take any unnecessary risks or make dramatic life changes!

I always like to emphasize that the intention of Jyotish is to shed light on our lives. Jyoti means light and ish is derived from Ishwara which translates as God; Jyotish is the light of the Gods.

If we have a clear understanding of the astrological weather we can take time to contemplate and make the right choices. Choose the right foods, meditation and exercise to nurture ourselves through these potentially challenging times.

There are many powerful, ancient and time tested remedies that come from India to mitigate these choppy planetary waters. I shared some powerful remedies in my recent article: Drinking the Moon’s Nectar: A Journey to Contentment.

True love stand the test of time, distance and absence, making it grow stronger. Difficult times mean that loves’s roots will grow deeper.

~ Marie Pierrot.


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Editor: Catherine Monkman

Photo: MatthewHolland/Flickr

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