March 2, 2014

Spring Renewal: Things to Titillate the Senses.

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When a new season is on the horizon, energy is swirling around and people tend to have a bouncy spring in their step and sly smirks on their faces.

It’s as if they are alert to the changes coming in the next few months.

My favorite time of year happens to be the transitional seasons, autumn and spring. Both carry a sense of newness and relief all the same. Both usher in the more extreme seasons from cold to hot.

Spring is alive with color, smells, sounds, smiles, and more flair than the senses can take in at any given moment. _DSC4499Our eyes, ears, noses and touch desire to reach out and latch onto the freshness with vim and vigor. Commitments forge ahead with more passion and purpose. Any momentum gained over the cold, dark, long winter months start to see the light of day. Fireplaces are no longer burning their embers into the evening sky.

The pots of chili and soup are stored away in the freezer, as the juicers and salad spinners return to the barren kitchen counters. Herbs begin to cast an aroma from gardens to tables. Reflections and renewals are heaven sent, with serendipity occurring at any smidge of time.

Mother Nature gives a sincere nod to go ahead with life and live it to the fullest until the onset of summer where the days become longer, the air threatens to stagnate with heat, and we have lost a bit of our mojo. Spring is not like that at all. Spring is pausing for deep breaths and creating and committing.

March holds a certain appeal on a multitude of levels within the body.

We cleanse from winter’s junk and the heaviness of too much food.

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We begin to shed our layers and expose more skin. We explore new paths in nature. We practically feed on the intuition of our senses to guide us into a brand new day and awareness. We try unique forms of yoga and explore ways to increase our strength and stillness within a group or at home.

We take in more eye candy at the grocery stores, as shelves become stocked with seasonal vegetables and fruits of every color imaginable.

Our gardens take shape from the tiniest seed to a sprouting of leaves, berries and buds.

Potted plants adorn our decks and front doors and absorb the leftover indoor toxins of winter’s gloom.

Glimpses of baby fawns with fresh white spots are emerging from the forest. Little animal beings of all species are coming out of wombs and signaling that there is creation happening all around.

The heavenly planets are so full of water, earth, conjuncts, retrogrades and cosmic alliances that I can barely keep up with all that the universe provides on a monthly basis.

But I do have a list; a list of things to titillate our senses this spring; things that have given me pause in recent days and will continue to force me to look at the world with new perspectives and reasons of wonder.

The smell of fresh wood chips scattered on garden beds and paths; the sight of a new baby being held by the mother for the first time; the sound of my little neighbor singing her own rendition of the “Frozen” movie theme.

The smell of fresh Tex-Mex food while running through the streets of my city; the sight of wild bluebonnets sprouting from dull paths and creaky pavements; the sight of puppies who are given another chance to live with a new home and new family

The feeling of clean air that hovers between 70 and 80 degrees; sunsets with colors that blow my mind from oranges to pinks to reds and blues; the smell of citrus fruits being split open to taste the sweetness and juiciness and health.

The feeling of moving forward with projects that have taken a long time to complete; the touch of a soft velvet cat; the sight of waterfalls trickling through drought-stricken boulders and rocks; the sight of turtles and ducks and loons sunning themselves on logs and tree branches.

The smell of new essential oils applied to the chakras; the feeling of trying a health regimen for the first time and succeeding in small increments; seeing a commitment come to a solid fruition.

This is spring time.

The list may grow and the list can morph. Whatever the chosen form it takes, and whoever wants to add their own style and renewed sensations is more than welcomed.

I am simply full of  blossomed hope and newness and appreciation.

bluebonnets snow spring flowers

March is here.


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