March 27, 2014

The End of Sweetness.

honeycomb bees

The extinction of the honey bee has evolved into a reality that exists on the planetary level.

It seems poetic that the gradual extinction of the honey bee and the tampering with her reproductive cycle and her golden nectar suggests the state of affairs in the Holy Land.

The honey bee has suffered since the introduction of systemic pesticides in the 1990s, demolishing a large percentage of the United States honey bee population. A parable to the land of milk and honey, the bee is an animal that embodies the pregnancy and potency of life for the entire food chain.

The sweet ripe fruit from the vine, the pollination of plants and flowers, and the sacred golden nectar that the bee produces for her offspring has been replaced with sugar water.

While sweet is present, let us say grace.

All of the animals in the kingdom speak for our Creator. Our Creator is preparing us and telling us that the Holy Land sweet is dwindling. The world lives on her sweet and her holy life. Without her, the world will lose its sweet, and our honey bee’s life in the world is a parable for Yerushalim and the nectar she gives us.

When she cannot stand anymore, the honey bee will fail, signifying the end of sweet. Our honey supply will dwindle. The bee’s gradual extinction that began at the end of the century marks an unprecedented number of bee deaths.

Our Creator is calling our attention to the bee deaths to make us aware of our oneness with Mother Nature; our world is undergoing a large transition that will signify a shift in balance. All of nature is integrated into her life.

Sweet is our joy.

Sweet is our love.

Sweet is our sunshine.

Sweet is our innocence.

Sweet is our mirth.

sweet is our grace.

Sweet is our embrace.

Sweet is our generosity.

Sweet is our abundance.

Sweet is our peace.

Our honey bee is integral to our life on the planet.

Observe the honey bee’s life to contemplate the very root of our existence. A problem with the honey bee signifies a crisis with our food system; this food crisis that is masked by the government subsidies, GMO funded seed banks and petroleum subsidies that support the commerce of non-local food distribution. Food is medicine and medicine is food. While it may seem obvious, the honey bee is an essential marker from our Creator that our food system needs wholesome attention about how plants and earth is being cultivated.

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Editor: Travis May

Photo: elephant archives

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