March 23, 2014

The “Master” of Seduction ~ by Debbie Laughlin

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Sometimes we are drawn in and enticed by the appearance of beauty, power and knowledge; the persona is large and it grabs us by our heart.

This is an all too common situation and found in personal and professional relationships but…

 Beware of the golden tongue. Listen to your heart.

When this presence—the “masterful” Soul—is in our space for adoration and control, a few things will show up right away…

  • Their words will sound/feel unbelievably light and wise yet they will be laced with condescending undertones.
  • They know when you are the most vulnerable and will comfort you, then will use your open heart.
  • They will taunt you with a query and make life seem complicated, (but it isn’t) so it appears as if they, and they alone hold the golden keys (all the answers.)

What this means: They want us to be small and will never promote our own intellect.

But the reality is; when we are at our lowest and in desperation, we call them looking for salvation—and ta da!—they magically appear to save us. However, in this mind-set, we don’t wish to, or simply can’t see the warning signs. The omens are dismissed because there just isn’t enough trust in our state of duress to remember what we already know.

In the meantime, the heart is screaming and that pain is confused with our temporary blindness that looks like an unknown.

The Masters are brilliant at distributing shame and guilt, especially if we confront their actions. They are skilled at the artistry of making us feel we are the crazy ones…and we take it.

We then question our resolve and accept the imposed judgments. Those “judgments” take form of emotion (which will serve as a hard lesson down the line) but that is a much longer path to salvation. All the while, the one we thought we could trust betrays every ounce of integrity we have left.

It is easy for them to read us when we are off our game. Everyone is transparent when “broken” because the pieces are strewn all over the place. But a kind masterful Soul will gently put us back together—not continue to step on the shards to create dust.

If someone believes they are doing you a favor by demeaning you, remember…that is their own power trip and it is abuse. Period.

It takes a strong evolved mind-set to go beyond this without too much damage—but it can be done. It is a teachable moment for our ever-changing evolution into a higher plane.

What I can tell you is this: Life is full of these teachers.

It is imperative to protect our balance and protect our mind by honoring the gift of our intuition, especially when we are down. That “gut feeling” is the heart center requesting us get up and move on. It is the push, the pull, the longing for a fix, and it is what we do… but we forget we have the innate ability to repair what ails us.

…And our Soul is always ready for betterment; that comes to us with simple respect known as love—but it can’t get there through shame, or insidious accusations from the “Master”. Don’t be fooled by a pretty façade with an ethereal tongue.

Long and the short of it—Turn and Run!!

Let seduction find you in other beautiful ways.


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Photo: Juliet Newton/Pixoto


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