March 8, 2014

The Only Plant in the Window.

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My dreams have been racing for the past few weeks with the wateriness of the planets, creating an emotional turbulence that could be somewhat compared to unforeseen tsunamis.

Images that appear during the wee hours of the morning force me to wake from the slumber, stumble over to the teapot, and fill it to the brim to satisfy the first few hours of dawn before I even take pen to paper. Vitamins are all laid out to ensure that I keep my commitment to my health and wellness, as well as my early sky appreciation, busting open with color and sound.

But it is the dreams that awake me and take me by surprise.

I light a candle or two. I stand in the kitchen doorway, arms outstretched towards the window, and daydream to jostle my brain as to what it was that caused a few restless nights, what shifts are happening, where my heart usually takes me, and that feeling of being misunderstood that can drive others to insatiable curiosity.

Gazing eastward out the long window prior to sunrise and noticing that the only flora we have in our apartment is a small good fortune and wellness plant, providing a tiny bit of indoor nature and giving off its imperfect way of being and receiving. It sits next to the Himalayan salt lamp. Both create some nice, positive, ionic flow within our space, not to mention the altars adorned with feathers, crystals, small books, malas, colorful buddhas, and whatever else the angels have messengered in that day or week.

My eyes drift towards the plant and how lonely it must feel near the window. Different and twisty, the stalks and leaves need attention and nurturing. Being unique amongst all the other normal house accoutrements, the plant relaxes and allows itself the space and time to grow slowly and be tended to when it is noticed. The dead leaves ask to be taken away, and the floating rocks at its base summon more thirst when too much dryness is exposed. I truly wonder if the low maintenance plant feels like it is on an island all alone within the high ceilings and nearby windows looking out. I even ask myself if it feels understood. My thoughts then drift back to the task at hand and I’m on my fourth cup of tea.

You are like a rainbow, colorful and packing a punch when you are out, yet you fade away after the moment is gone.

These were words mentioned to me by the dearest man in my life a few weeks ago after a rainstorm and the heavens broke loose with some mighty colors and fresh nature aromas. I thought about it, wrote it down, and now I am revisiting that phrase, as I can relate it to that only plant in the window. Creative spirits travel a path that calls at times we cannot explain, nor do we even try. We grow and we develop and we seek. Our momentary lapses of memory of the basic and regular skillsets of everyday life get pushed aside when the thoughts and dreams are exploding in our minds. Not everyone understands the passion and purpose behind our creative mission. It is okay. Not everyone needs to understand the methods that drive our pursuits to greater heights as we allow our differences to shine in ways that help others.

Pondering the oneness of this world and how we are all connected, metaphoric words can only describe the plant in the window as maturing, lush, flourishing, verdant, and fresh. It needs to remain healthy and alive and cared for. It seeks the sun, the water, and a soft touch every now and again. It is love. It is part of the big picture of this creation and existence. And just as the rainbows illuminate our skies with a palette of the most mysterious prism of color, only to die off and fade away in a moment’s notice, the plant too will get crispy and old and need to be replaced. Loneliness does not befall the plant. It has given life to a humble abode. It has silent words that come forth when we might not hear.

The message lies in the creative forces of those hearts that are busting at the seams. Truth is, we are all plants, rainbows, forests, oceans and life’s other wonderful mysteries. When we place an ear to the ground and our eyes up to the sky, we notice every single being has a purpose of why we are here. There is always a vision beyond the light.

“To grow is to go beyond where you are today. Stand up for yourself. Do not imitate. Do not pretend to have achieved your goal, and do not try to cut corners. Just try to grow.”  ~ Svami Prajnanpad

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Editor: Jenna Penielle Lyons

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