March 29, 2014

Women Mentors & Their Leave. ~ Todd Otten


I’ve had the experience of a few mentors, teachers and facilitators that are wise women move on to new parts of their own journeys.

Inevitably this means they’re no longer there to witness me and facilitate me witnessing myself through their space holding of unconditional positive regard.

I’m fortunate to have learned and witnessed others under their tending and support.

Bryonie is leaving elephant, yet I don’t even know her and barely worked with her. I do know from what I feel and what I’ve read by others, that the beginners like myself to this world of writing, are going to miss someone great to work for and with.

Someone who models and inspires how to write through showing up vulnerable, brave, yet protective, all while plying the risky business of creativity.

There’s a part of me that wonders if the older elephants and readers will feel the same way I did about my teachers departure with what’s happening now at elephant?

Will we notice how the space and energy have changed in the absence of that big heart?

Will we use what they taught us and self mentor through highs and lows of our passions and endeavors?

The message or lesson for me to discern from witnessing and learning through these experiences is how beautiful and wondrous it is to know  these wise women or witches or whatever mystical beings you are.

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Editor: Renée Picard

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