April 14, 2014

2 Problems & 1 Awesome Thing about Easter.

eastre rabbit easter

Walk the Talk Show with Waylon Lewis:

Today, Easter, let us honor Jesus’ spirit of compassion for all, particularly the vulnerable and sick and cast-out. If your Christianity is about hate, you dishonor your own Faith. If it is about joy and love, then you’re good in the eyes of the Lord.

Imagine if Easter could create tons of good in the world instead of tons of suffering? Here’s a start:


1. Chocolate: The Dark Side of the Chocolate Bunny. {Infographic}
2. Bunny adoptions: Before you buy an Easter Bunny…


1. Mindful fun with Eggs: DIY Dye your Eggs—Naturally.

Relephant read:  Who is the “Eastre” Rabbit?

peta naked sexy bunny rabbit rescue adopt easter

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Read 3 comments and reply

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