April 28, 2014

Better Gut Health for Babies. ~ Rachel Feldman


Today we live in a toxic world.

Today we have 600% more cars on the road compared to the 1960’s. This does not even take into account the air we breathe, the pesticides, the pollution, the chemicals, the toxic household products and the water we drink. I birthed two beautiful babies but they were birthed from a toxic mommy. I had to take action early on in their lives, and I did. I knew it was my job to rebuild their gut flora.

Gut Flora is important for the following reasons:

1. Promotes a healthy immune system.

2. Prevents gastro-intestinal infections.

3. Reduces inflammation.

4. Protects the integrity of the gut lining.

5. Sets the stage for a healthy life.

Even though I breast fed my babies and provided them with good colostrum, I knew I needed to go a step further. Having been diagnosed with ulcerative colitis myself and seeing signs of allergies and intolerance in my own children I took action.

I followed these five simple steps:

1. I added a good quality probiotic for babies. Garden of Life or Udo’s make fabulous ones for babies.

2. I body-brushed my babies to circulate their lymphatic system (which is our bodies sewage system).

3, I began to add kelp and dulse sprinkles to their food at five months old for proper mineralization.

4. I started with foods such as squash, carrots and sweet potatoes: all wonderful for developing a baby’s spleen.

5. I did not introduce grains until my babies were one years old.

My babies are now five and seven and they live a dairy free and gluten free life. I still keep them healthy by following the five steps I have laid out, and they keep us out of the doctor’s office, which makes me a happy holistic mamma.

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