April 25, 2014

Dear Alcoholic Girl.

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Note: Written in response to Dear Drunk Girl.

Dear Alcoholic Girl,

Alcoholic girl knows not herself

She only knows who she is in her mind

But that mind is not always real, unreal

It’s twisted and maimed, contorted and restrained


Yet when she’s sober girl she is bright, light

Shining and warming in the cold of the night

She is aware, she does know herself

She wouldn’t dare to get drunk on herself


But its all so tempting, the thrill of an alter

Conditioned by her destiny, freedom calls

The freedom to be what she decides to be

The freedom to fly, the freedom to soar


So of course she gets smashed cos’ it’ll be fun

Did she remember the times she fucked it all up?

No it wasn’t her, the memory fades

She’s all powerful; from the gods she is made


So alcoholic girl is back, depart

The attitude is one that shatters our hearts

We’ll run for the cover of our martial art

And vow to tell her right from the start


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Editor: Jenna Penielle Lyons

Photo: Flickr Commons user Jiri Folta

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