April 15, 2014

Ecstasy with Nature: She is Awakening. ~ Carolyn Riker


She rolled the waves back from her deep slumber. Decades swam before her eyes. She shook the seaweed pillow from her hair. A cup of sand sat resting on a nightstand.

Gingerly she tipped it and it tumbled over like an hourglass of time.

She is awakening.

A week before, she felt the ocean run through her veins and now she felt like a bear emerging from hibernation.

It was a mixture of being starved for connections and learning while eating berries along the way.

Stretching high on the bark of a tree, she marked a new set of intentions.

There was a sensation of a steady stream bubbling at each turn. It coincided with the season of mid spring and rebirth.

She felt insanely refreshed as she realized how she walked parallel in nature.

No longer constrained by the ordinary, she stood on the edge of a deep chasm.

The updrafts lifted her.

She watched as the drama became smaller and raised her arms in freedom. Feathers sprouted in peacock blues and greens….a splash of red, orange and yellow became visible.

She soared higher.

Spasms of heartache, joy, trepidation, rage and sadness rushed from her toes, spiraling, counterclockwise to the uppermost part of head.

She breathed intensely to fill her lungs. Her ribs expanded and connecting to her pelvis. She felt her torso unite her body into a fluid motion—swimming through sea and sky.

Time poured through her cells and rinsed them clean in the ethereal air. She was stratospheres above and the crispness was revitalizing.

Her thoughts were free of bondage.

Her shoulders, attached to the cartilage of winged freedom, rippled with joy. Her neck, slightly elongated was graceful as her heart expanded.

Positivity and simplicity dancing with imagination. Each were a creative impulse succulent and divine. Unfettered heart strings capitulating musical notes of the heavens.

She gathered the energy in the cloudless cerulean blue sky.

Her walls were no longer vanilla but painted with colors of elation. The stormy days and nights rocking her ship were calm.

In this momentary stillness she discovered gratefulness for the complexities in an undulating passageway—a birth canal.

Tears rinsed through and the moon goddess from within chanted,

Be who you were created to be, and you will set the world on fire.

~ St. Catherine of Sienna

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Editor: Jenna Penielle Lyons

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