April 30, 2014

Have a Crack at Life. (Taking Responsibility for Our Pieces of Health.)

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What does “Have a Crack at Life” mean?

It’s about taking care of ourselves and others, testing our limits, living on the edges of life and expanding our hearts and minds like we’ve never imagined. If we learn how, we can be our own counselor, personal trainer, health and life coach, relationship and sex therapist, spiritual guide, mentor and even best mate.

How well do we fulfill these roles for ourselves?

We are all unique with our own characteristics, strengths and weaknesses. We may be an excellent mate to ourselves yet have much room to improve as a life coach. We may be great at keeping physically fit but have no idea of how to properly take care of our emotions. We may simply struggle at managing our relationships with our loved ones or even with ourselves.

The reality is, we have so many layers of our life to take care of. These include our:

Physical, Psychological, Emotional, Spiritual, Philosophical, Sexual, Behavioural and Social Vitalities.

What areas need more attention? Can we really change who we are and how we live?


We are already having a crack in our own unique way. We literally make the choice on how we think, feel, act and live. Sure, we may be strongly influenced by our environment such as by our parents, peers, culture, society, government and the age we live in, but as an adult we make free choices.

The time we become truly free is the time that we take full responsibility of ourselves and ensure we’re the single most influential factor in how we evolve for the rest of our lives.


Who wants unlimited wishes?

We assume that we can’t always get what we want (or what we wish for), yet how many times have we had an unexpected experience which was exactly what we needed for our learning?

Isn’t that what we want? To learn, to grow, to evolve? To overcome our dysfunctions and become our new, more developed selves?

Our wants are both the healthy and unhealthy desires of our ego and our needs are the experiences we require for sustained growth. Therefore, if we process each moment, each experience, as an opportunity for growth, then we simply always get exactly what we need! So the awesome thing is—with the right type of attitude—we can always get what we want.

All we have to do is align our wants to our needs and we have all our wishes fulfilled.

The tricky part is to figure out what our needs (lessons) are. To achieve this, we have to truly face how well we fulfill the roles described above.

Where are we strong?

Where do we lack?

If we accept exactly who we are in this very moment, we empower ourselves and allow a clear reflection of the paths that we should be creating for ourselves.

We really have that much power.

(For more on personal growth see: Have We Achieved Real Success & 10 Spotlights on Enlightenment).


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Editor: Catherine Monkman

Photo: Author’s Own, Martinak15/Flickr


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