April 15, 2014

Jyotish Planetary Transits + Horoscopes for the Waning Moon Cycle {April 15th to 29th}.











Moon begins to wane (Krishna Paksha) on April 15th after the full moon and the lunar eclipse.

It will transit through Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces and into Aries during this Moon phase which culminates with a Solar eclipse on the 29th.

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Lunar and Solar Eclipses

On Tuesday 4.15, Moon enters Libra just after midnight, joining Rahu and retrograde Saturn there as well. Moon reaches its peak fullness at 2:41 am CDT while in Chitra nakshatra. The lunar eclipse begins at 11:55 pm CDT as Moon crosses paths with Earth’s shadow. The lunar eclipse reaches its maximum at 2:46 am CDT and continues until 5:36 am CDT.

With the direct gaze of Sun and Ketu in Aries, and Jupiter in Gemini, as well as an eclipse, this full Moon is one of intensity and a great collision of energies. It is a good time to evaluate where we are using sheer physical strength and stamina and where we are not effectively using beneficial mental strategy to help us achieve our long term goals and objectives.

Become aware of how to do less, while maximizing your efforts. In other words, the mantra “less is more”, is still pertinent to the day and to the weeks ahead. This is certainly a time of pruning and cutting out all that is unnecessary.

Simultaneously, this Full Moon is the celebration of Hanuman Jayanti, the birthday of Hanuman. As a Rudra (a god of intense strength and power), Hanuman is inherently strong and powerful, with great stamina—exemplified by his successful “leap to Lanka” where he found goddess Sita and returned her safely home to Ayodhya.

He overcame many obstacles and opponents (the rakshasa/demon Ravana and his army) out of love, devotion and service to Lord Raam and goddess Sita. May he serve as a reminder to us of what odds can be overcome, what power we each posses, and what love and devotion can accomplish—and don’t forget he called on a powerful group of monkeys for support and assistance!

This “triple power” Full Moon serves as a forceful reminder to each of us. We must work smarter not harder or the physical body will most certainly feel the effects.

Wherever we are feeling the pinches and pruning from the planets, we are getting a reminder to pause, listen and do things more effectively, more in harmony with the Laws of Nature.

The emotional and mental pressures are being felt from all sides by many right now. It’s time to get radical and very structured about doing life differently and in the coming weeks the messages will begin to clarify or intensify depending on the “size of the job.”

Where can you ask for help? Where can you find more support? Where do you need to start vocalizing your needs? What are you clinging to and afraid of losing? What rubble of the past needs to be cleared in order for you to walk your Path more harmoniously? The planets are calling for us to make some very big personal changes, but be forewarned, and it might feel more like an ultimatum.

The lunar eclipse marks a delicate two week period until the solar eclipse on the 29th. In the Vedic tradition, this is not a time to take risks, start new endeavors or to over-exert. It is a time, however, of turning inward, of meditation and contemplation, and a time to take extra care of the physical body with good routine etc. The closing of this “eclipse portal” comes with the new Moon and solar eclipse on the 29th. The solar eclipse will begin on the 28th at 10:53 pm CDT and conclude at 3:15 am CDT on April 29th.

hanuman jayantiIn the midst of the solar eclipse there will of course be a new Moon which is at 1:13 am CDT on April 29th while Moon is in Aries and Bharani nakshatra. The intensity felt weeks prior as Moon transited Libra, is now felt from the opposite lens, the Aries lens, where Moon joins exalted Sun, Mercury and Ketu there as well—all in Bharani nakshatra.

This is when the final “pruning” or purification will take place, when we finally get the awareness we’ve been waiting for and life offers us more clarity to act with greater harmony moving forward.

Don’t push or force the ripening phase during the eclipses, it will be a waste of effort. Trust that the answers will arrive on time, with a sense of purpose and transformation. The amount of pain felt during this ripening and transformation period will be a direct result of how much resistance you are using to thwart change. Surrender is the safest bet and requires much less energy. When there is some suffering felt, this is a perfect opportunity for self tracking, looking at the pieces that need to shift within the Self and within life, and to take a new direction. See the pain as an opportunity. Take this into your creative ritual and art processes.

In light of the myriad of ways we feel the effects of the planets and their shifts, I’ve created a new virtual workshop series. Read more about my four part series, the Cosmic and Creative Self workshops.

Planetary Movements and Changes

On Sunday, 4.20 Mercury moves to Aries at 6:56 am CDT, joining exalted Sun and Ketu there as well. This transit continues the theme of cleansing, purifying and change but Mercury offers this to our mental body, communication and our connectivity. Where is the resistance to movement, change, growth and new possibilities? Focus your efforts and attention on abundance, life giving support and your own vitality. Right now it is all about self care and defragging the system.

Venus moves to Pisces, its sign of exaltation on 4.27 and out of the gaze (drishti) of Rahu, but picks up direct drishti from retrograde Mars transiting Virgo. This transit intensifies our demand for increase, abundance and more flow of the life giving qualities that Venus offers like money, sweetness, creativity, love and passion.

Mars isn’t exactly the diplomat though, so watch where there is a forceful or demanding agenda and attitude this month in regard to relationships, life balance, harmony with Self and others, and with needs and priorities.

The outcome and trends move towards the positive after the solar eclipse on the 29th. The noteworthy change of Jupiter from Ardra nakshatra back into Punarvasu nakshatra on 4.24 helps this trend immensely. The sweetness of Jupiter and the awareness offered by Aditi, who rules Punarvasu, will offer a softer and gentler approach to change, growth and knowledge than the Ardra/Rudra approach of the past months where excessive Rahu has overwhelmed the planets, nakshatras and our cravings. More on the Jupiter transit here.

Look out for an impressive day on the 30th when Moon, Sun, Venus and Saturn will all be exalted simultaneously. I’ll be sure to post about this in my weekly Moon Mind Calendar. Don’t miss these updates, be sure to sign up for my weekly newsletter.

It is a big year with multiple {major} planetary changes. We will experience the changes of Jupiter, Rahu and Ketu, Saturn and unusual movements of Mars all in the next 11 months. Big changes are in store for each of us!

Feeling uncertain about your action steps? What needs to change in order for growth? What kind of support you need? Schedule a yearly progression with me in order to make your New Year a truly transformational year. I still have some sessions available for May.

*Horoscopes are based on your Vedic rising sign. You can also check your Moon and Sun signs for further insight. Do the same with your Navamsa signs for further clarity. Do not use these horoscopes with your “Western Sign” as there is likely no correlation. These horoscopes are meant to be used as a broad overview of the current transits and obviously do not address the specifics of an individual’s unique chart.

Horoscopes for the Waning Moon Cycle of April 15th to 29th.

Aries: This is a time of great power, personal growth and lessons. Transformations with career and relationships play a big role in your waning Moon cycle as well as what you will harvest during the eclipses. Stop doing things the way you have been doing them. Start looking for new solutions, answers and less harmful ways of living your life. True power comes from knowing when to back off, delegate, share, shut up  and by working smarter not harder. Ask your Self if there is an easier way to do things and why you have a need for so much struggle. The only resistance is within you.

Taurus: Your work during this waning cycle and the two week eclipse period pushes you from inner to inner. This is a time of digestion and assimilation. Sitting with your awareness, gut responses and the body’s inner intelligence, so you can dive deeper. Gather information from others, from relationships, teachers, guides and clients, friends and lovers. Then take these valuable insights into your meditation. Finish up the cycle with introspection, away time at an ashram or retreat, or by simply finding silent alone time in your own sacred space. Use the coming weeks as a way to get more deeply in touch with your needs, your intuition and your healing abilities. Let others support you.

Gemini: Where are you getting distracted? Overwhelmed? Underwhelmed? Who and what is taking up your time and energy and why are you allowing this drain? There are always going to be distractions, it’s your job to not give in. In order to gain momentum, you need consistent action steps and a clear agenda. Expect a bit more of both once Mercury moves to Aries on the 20th and Venus moves to your 10th house of career on the 27th. However, the next distraction will be too much creativity, excitement, ideas and desires. The next step, therefore, will be pruning and getting laser focused on your trajectory for success.

Cancer: This waning Moon cycle moves you from inner to outer and will help you evaluate your emotional landscape more directly. Turn over the rocks in your heart. Dump the sand out of your shoes. You are quite focused on career agendas right now, which means you will likely forget your personal work unless you are forced into it. So when the heart and relationship woes begin yet again, you may be called into action. There are still pieces you need to address with your own liberation, with communication of needs, of your unyielding emotional storms. Turn over the rocks in your heart and use them as an offering.

Leo: Let your creativity, courage and power inform your offerings, gifts and services in the coming weeks. As an introspective time (doubly so with the eclipses) use this as a way to go more deeply into Nature’s message to you. Use this as a time to hone your talents, desires and shining light. Your creativity, relationships and passions get a transformational overhaul from inside out as Venus moves to Pisces and your eighth house. Trust that this is a crucial part of your refining process, a way to be bigger, bolder and more inspiring in the long run. Think big, but don’t push too hard. Acquire the knowledge first, the action is coming next.

Virgo: Communication is a powerful resource for you. How do you express your Self? Share your needs and wants, desires and dreams? Who listens and supports you? Who does not? In this vital time of transformation, you are getting some clarity on what you really need for sustainable nourishment and support from environment and relationships. Look for a “felt sense” within the body. If you listen carefully, your body will be giving the clues for this new level of awareness. Meanwhile, you are getting a complete overhaul right now from the inside out. This will be what you need for your next phase of offerings, career choices and more powerful relationships. Relationships and passion amp up after the 27th so get clear on what you really want and need now.

Libra: Life does not need to be so hard. Repeat this and remind your Self that life can be a different way, a smoother way. This is a choice actually—one that we all have. The only piece of the puzzle that needs to quit resisting is you. Explore your inner and outer realms, the hard to the soft. Notice what arrives as you look in the mirror—the mirror of relationships especially. The coming waning cycle and eclipses offer growth from outer to inner—with a particular emphasis on healing some old, outworn relationship woundology. Start embodying the lessons and taking them to heart. Be creative with your growth.

Listen to your gut for wisdom and information. It’s working on digesting some old pieces right now that will help you with career and your offerings to others. Heart and belly are intimately connected. What needs to be soothed, comforted, nurtured and nourished in order for you to feel more satisfied? There are clues with stability, support, grounding. Your feet can offer more insights and your voice can open the channel for further awareness. Your work is connected to embodiment at this time; enliven your tools and strengthen your inner power. Don’t neglect the body, or its wisdom.

Sagittarius: As you continue to question and re-evaluate your career, now is also a good time to get more focused on why you do what you do. Are you fulfilled by your work and if not, where are you holding back on taking action towards your dreams and desires? Are you connecting with the right people, asking for support from friends and colleagues? Are you getting creative and resourceful with your goals and agenda? Use this time to acquire knowledge, insight and a stronger creative edge. You are poised for expansion (aren’t you always) yet the missing piece always seems to be your timely response and actions. Action steps add up, slowly and over time. Take a few small actions in the right direction over the next few weeks that will add up to success in the long term.

Capricorn: The storms and flurry that Rudra is offering us right now reside in your career house, but are effecting your emotional well being, sense of rooting and connection, and your craving for liberation. Expect answers and lessons, tests and questions, during this sensitive eclipse time. A surge of creative impulse is coming for you as Venus enters Pisces on the 27th. Use this to inform your career offerings and transformations. If it aligns with the heart and intuition, you know you can trust it. Find new ways of teaching, sharing your gifts and offering your skills that take into account a “less is more” approach and attitude. It’s too easy for you to push excessively, so if it feels like you aren’t doing enough, you are probably doing plenty.

Courage, creativity and action steps are important pieces for you to work with during this waning Moon phase and the period between the eclipses. Working on your communication, self expression, while expanding your experience of comfort and support, is vital. Look to what is not working, what is not feeling nourishing to you, for clues and suggestions. Ask for wisdom and advice from trust worthy sources and dance with your anger and fire for further insights. Your power and courage are wrapped up in your anger. This is where you can look for needs that aren’t being met and the parts of your Self that are not being expressed. Unleash your fire breathing dragon (in healthy and constructive ways).

Themes continue around relationships, self expression and transformation. Where do these pieces intersect for you? The need to express your Self on all levels, and in all of your relationships, is strengthening. You may be coming on too strong over the next few weeks, but this will eventually even itself out, so don’t quit even if you receive some negative feedback. Keep looking under the rocks and churning up the mud from your depths. Your creativity and passions are returning and may sweep you away in their intense flow as Venus moves to your first house on the 27th. Don’t drown. Too much of a good thing can be overwhelming and harmful if you let it; you’ve come too far.

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