April 30, 2014

Letting Go. ~ Kimby Maxson {Poem}


Letting Go is not graceful

It’s not a spiritual experience like they say it is

It’s breath holding, nausea and difficulty swallowing
It’s not being able to eat
It’s reading the same sentence over and over and over
It’s flipping through channels at 4 am
It’s anxiety, fear and memory after memory after memory
It’s burning eyes and salty pillowcases
It’s minutes passing like hours
and days like weeks

It’s feeling crazy

It’s lonely
It’s sad
It’s hard
It’s ugly
It’s empty
Empty arms—empty homes—empty beds
It’s shutting the windows
and not answering the phone

Letting go is the sound of the rain in the darkness

flooding mind—flooding heart—flooding spirit
flooding until full
full of patience
full of acceptance
full of compassion
full of understanding
full of gratitude
full of breath
full of hope
full of strength
full of joy
full of love

and full of grace

Letting go is a spiritual experience—Just like they say it is

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Editor: Catherine Monkman

Photo: Wikimedia

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