April 13, 2014

Live Out Loud. ~ Rebecca McKown


This is for all the introverts, the extroverts, the converts, for everyone. Turn up the volume and live—loud.

Since our inception we have been quieted. We were crying babies consoled and pacified. We were children told to be quiet and behave. We were schooled and had to follow rules and listen to our elders; we had to sit quietly.

Now as adults we have to follow the rules. We have to dress appropriately, wear our hair appropriately, eat at prescribed times, stay quiet when we yearn to speak out.

We have been quieted. We are to keep quiet to fit in and keep our jobs, our friends, to keep pace with the norm.

What if? What if we changed that?

What if we break the censors, all censors and Live Out Loud?

What does it mean to live out loud? It means that whatever is inside you, in your inner self, that self that your ego so often shuts away—let it out.

Listen to your inner voice, your wants, your desires, your true feelings and speak them, wear it on your sleeve. When you feel the urge to sing, no matter where you may be, sing. If you feel the need to dance, dance. And do it with confidence. Put on that bright red lipstick you always wanted to wear and wear it proudly and loudly.

What if you gave yourself a challenge to live out loud for a week? Could you do it? Would you try? You know you want to—after all it is just a week. Would you come out the other side a happier, freer person or would you come out unhappy and unfulfilled? I think we both know what the answer is. How could you feel anything but free?

Here’s how to start. First, take a deep breath and then another. Then repeat your mantra for the week, I will Live Out Loud, I will Live Out Loud.

Now do it.

Do whatever feels right, not just right, but whatever you want. Go to the grocery store in a fancy dress and  heels. Wear your hair in pig tails. Ride your bike to work. Go on a walk and sing with the birds. Speak your thoughts. And finally do it without regret, without embarrassment and with confidence.

And when your ego tries to stop you and and say, “What the Hell are you doing?” Put your thumb and index finger together and squash it. Tell your ego to take the high road and leave you alone because you are ready to live.

Now is your time. Turn up the volume and Live Out Loud.

If you are willing, I would love to hear your personal stories of living out loud.

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