No Mud, No Lotus. {Poem}

Via Erica Leibrandt
on Apr 2, 2014
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lotus mud flower water bloom

“No mud, no lotus.”

~ Tich Naht Hahn


No Mud, No Lotus

No mud, no lotus.

No noise, no silence.

No silence, no song.

No bitter, no sweet.

No low, no high.

No old, no young.

No weak, no strong.

No ugly, no beautiful.

No broken, no whole.

No black, no white.

No white, no color.

No missing, no found.

No fall, no rise.

No work, no play.

No death, no birth.

No Adam, no Eve.

(No Eve, no Adam.)

No mud, no lotus.


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 Photo: Debasish Sharma/Pixoto


About Erica Leibrandt

Erica Leibrandt is a certified Yoga instructor, Reiki practitioner, vegan cook and mother to six heathens who masquerade as innocent children. She aims to apply the principles of Yoga to real life. Between writing, teaching and studying to earn her master's degree in clinical counseling from Northwestern University, she spends her time being walked by her dogs and trying to dream up an alternative to doing the laundry. If she occasionally finds herself with a fried egg on her plate or dancing until dawn, she asks that you not judge her. Life is short, she knows the chicken that laid the egg and you can never dance too much. You can connect with Erica on FacebookTwitter and Tumblr.


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  1. SDC says:

    Haven't read a poem of yours in YEARS! This is terrific.

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