April 16, 2014

On Becoming Good Fortune.


Mark Butler continues to muse on a deceptively simple idea: that we will do well to learn and grow through relationship. 



Awesomely good judgement: No one is born with it.

It’s nurtured. It’s born of experience and discussion and contemplation, and it builds on itself. In the domain of money and finance, Mark thinks good judgement is the wish-fulfilling jewel. Possess it, grow it, apply it, and you will benefit immeasurably.

As Walt Whitman sang: Henceforth, I ask not good-fortune, I myself am good-fortune.

Accordingly, Mark puts forward a deceptively simple idea: that we will do well to learn and grow through relationship—aka our Thought Partners.

Sometimes, like in the case of Leo (whom we will meet), we come across a person already surrounded by great counsel…from his family!

But don’t worry. Either way, the situation is definitely workable. Indeed, most of us get tested. We need to not get thrown off by a bewildering twist in the road: the people whom we love and naturally look to (like parents) are not up for being our Thought Partners. Mark digs into this phenomenon, and why it so often plays out.

This is number three out of five videos apropos of young people, life, decision-making, and money. Financial advisor, author, and elephant journal contributor, Mark Butler, is your host. He’s telling stories and offering a few “alternative” conceptual frames. The premise of his work is this: Folks who pursue Life Paths of meaning and creativity, whose basic approach isn’t capital-centric or materialistic—these folks should be the canniest in matters of money, economy, and so on.


Check out Mark on Waylon’s January 22, 2014  Walk the Talk Show. It was a lively exchange on life, finances, emotional intelligence, and the Typology posited in Mark’s first book, Zen Money Blues. Or, perhaps you’re more into the topic of money-in-relationship. On the January 29, 2014 Walk the Talk Show, you can see Waylon, Maria and Mark head right into this wild country! It’s thematic to Mark’s second book: Lion Hearted Love: Rising to the Challenge of Money-in-Relationship.

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