April 26, 2014

Orgasm: The Holistic Flu Shot? ~ Layla Martin

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I’m not talking about just having a lot of orgasms, although that can be helpful.

I’m talking about being able to use orgasm, specifically orgasmic energy, to heal the body and mind.

It used to be that if I was in need of some healing, I’d head to a doctor or a therapist or maybe a spiritual teacher.

Then I went to Tantra school and discovered that one of the most potent little tools for health and wellness I was packing was my very own orgasm.

Orgasm as a Source of Energy

We all know intuitively that being high-energy is correlated with feeling healthy and vibrant, and being low-energy is correlated with stress and a weakened immune system.

Orgasm is a very high energy state.

On a biological level, that means a cascade of super wonderful hormones and neurotransmitters get released into our system. On an energetic level, orgasm is like the discharge of a high voltage battery.

If we can absorb this energy and enhance the biological benefits of orgasm in our bodies, this can fortify our internal organs and raise our overall energy levels in our lives.

However, the way that most of us make love or masturbate—quickly, with tension and often being less than present—we miss out.

This is much like if we have a weak or faulty digestive system. No matter how many good nutrients we take in, if our bodies can’t absorb them, they are useless.

The way that we have sex also determines whether we can absorb our orgasmic energy.

The Top Three Ways to Use Orgasm for Health

Relax During Sex and Orgasm

Many of us actually tighten around our pleasure and wind up “pushing out” the energy available to us from the orgasm. We can see this pattern if we squeeze our legs very tight, or hunch together our shoulders during sex. This actually blocks our bodies from being fully bathed in the orgasmic rush, as some of it gets trapped in the muscular tension.

However, if we learn to relax our muscles during pleasure, this opens the way for the orgasmic energy to flow upwards into the rest of our bodies.

Relaxing may not happen overnight. It can take a lot of conscious intention before those of us who are used to climaxing from tension get it. It’s as simple as telling our muscles to relax, over and over again whenever we feel them try to tighten.

Believe me, eventually it works, and when it does—it feels incredible.

Get Out of Your Head and Into Your Sensations

Thinking a lot and fantasizing during sex is one way to be running our minds, rather than basking in the sensations of sex.

Rob Boehle via Pinterest The sensations are where the energy is!

If we’re super freaked out about how we look or how we are performing, there isn’t going to be a lot of space for us to tune into the pure sensations of sex. No matter what our minds are doing, gently bring awareness back to our bodily sensations in order to intensify the orgasmic energy.

Feel the Orgasm in Your Whole Body

Many of us, without even realizing it limit the orgasmic experience to our genitals.

Set your orgasm free to cascade through your stomach, feet, arms, heart and face!

In order for the entire body and immune system to have access to the super-charge of orgasmic energy, we have to let it reach our whole beings.

Quick ways to allow this are through relaxing the whole body right before we orgasm, and using deep breathing to distribute the pleasure sensations through our bodies.

View the buzz of energy in our bodies after orgasms as a boost to our health. Feel it drawing up into our cells, strengthening our immune systems in the after-glow of our great orgasms.

It’s like a holistic flu shot, but a hell of a lot more fun.

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