April 1, 2014

Peace After the Rain. {Video}

Photo: Steve DavidsonWhere I am right now, it’s raining.

It’s been raining for most of the day, complete with a heavy dullness in the sky and clouds so full that the mountains are somewhat hidden. I must admit, the skyline looks lonely without them.

Nevertheless, I don’t dislike the rain. In fact, despite some of the inconveniences of a rainy day, I find that there’s a clear tone of peace hidden in each drop (unless it’s a rain/ice/hail mix, then it’s not so peaceful).

And perhaps my favorite part is that it reminds me of a beautiful pas de deux (dance for two) from Christopher Wheeldon’s ballet, After the Rain.

The simple yet moving score by Arvo Pärt (titled Spiegel im Spiegel) is enough to ease me into a place of precious stillness in heart and mind; paired with the serene choreography characteristic of Wheeldon’s movement vocabulary, the dancers in the pas de deux embody the exquisite moments which, in my mind, occur just as the rain lets up.

The air becomes calm, perhaps a few drops fall to finish off a passing cloud—and peace gently envelops every bit of life standing where there rain had just come down.

And lucky for us, there’s video footage of two stunning dancers—Yuan Yuan Tan and Damian Smith of San Francisco Ballet—performing the piece in a setting almost as remarkable as their artistic abilities.

So wherever you are, whatever the weather, I invite you to give yourself this moment of peace and languid beauty:


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Editor: Catherine Monkman

Photo: Steve Davidson/Flickr

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