Practiced Kindness: Day 12.

Via Marylee Fairbanks
on Apr 12, 2014
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Day 12: I find myself in the midst of piles, boxes, disorder, and panic.  No matter how many times I do the 24 Things Challenge, I feel completely frazzled by mid-toss.

I cannot distinguish my closet from my “to go” pile, I see things that I haven’t gotten to yet everywhere I look, and I feel as though I have accomplished nothing. No one dare enter my office; even my dogs, who normally lay at my feet when I write, are hiding from me (I think I will shave them for Day 14!).

It is important to take a minute and breathe mid-toss. Go back and look at your Sankalpa. Remind yourself what you are making room for in your life. What did you want when you began 24 Things? Has it altered?

Meditate on what you have let go of thus far. Does it match up with your goal? Perhaps, its a good day to tweak your wish or even throw it away (could be your day 12 item) and choose again. Refining your aspiration is powerful, so be specific.

The most important thing is to practice ahimsaDo no harm in word, thought or deed to any living thing.

This includes yourself. So many of us have a critical voice in our heads. There was a time in my life when I would never be so cruel to anyone as I was to myself. Yoga helped me silence that voice and replace it with one of Ahimsa.

Will you let go and discover things about yourself? If you blog, be sure to let me know so that I can share your experience and add you to our list of 24-ers.

Get tossing and get clear, my friends!

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Marylee Fairbanks is a columnist for Gaiam, elephant journal, My Life Yoga, and, Her essays explore Motherhood and yoga, but mainly focus on her experiences with her young son and the many ways he helps her grow. She is a registered yoga teacher and founder of Chakras Yoga and The 24 Things. She teaches Chakras Balancing workshops and yoga classes. Prior to having her son, she performed in Broadway musicals across the country. Marylee lives in Massachusetts with her husband, son, and dogs. Find her on her website and follow her on twitter.


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