April 25, 2014

She Thinks I’m Cool, Too, So It’s All Right. ~ Ola Weber


I tilt my head and gaze up high,

and when I spot her there

I jump to meet her from below.


I’m miles behind her shining mind,

but yet she turns to me

when my grit is waning faint.


Her tidings are fair and sure,

holding what evades me

like a known and trusted foe.


We see blue when they see green,

a shade that’s ours alone

and our secret kind of hue.


Her air is light and poised,

yet she’s a web of splendid tangles

and I can see it in her eye.


Her gait is brisk, her sights are bold,

but when she limps and falters

she lands safely in my heart.


Waters fall and then they swell,

and the moon runs laps

around our sprightly, eager lives.


The things between

set their snares and fight for tread

but are halted by our kindred verve.


In the empty seat beside

a patient void awaits

cause I know I’ll see her on the road.

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Editor: Renée Picard

Photo: courtesy of the author

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