April 25, 2014

Things I Would Like To Do…With Your Dog.

photo: http://instagram.com/waylonlewis

“Happiness is a warm puppy.” ~ Charles M. Schulz

I’ve seen him in your photos—using your new running shoes as a pillow. Nibbling on long, green blades of grass. Fuzzy head poking out of a car window on a sunny, spring day.

I would like to gaze into his sleepy, brown eyes while stroking the soft fur atop his head. I want to scratch behind his floppy ears, with a gentle kindness that makes him turn his head and lean into my palm.

I would like to give him belly rubs.

I’d like to magically whisk him away from your house, just for a day, and take him on wild West Coast doggie adventures.

I would like him to meet my two, beautiful bitches. My girls would sniff at him quizzically.

Lucy would be timid at first, as she often is around new dogs, until she feels sure that this new canine means her no harm. Nom-Nom would be fearless and challenging, the first in line to sniff his bottom.

I want to watch him frolic, play and be chased by my playful pups.

Then, I would like to watch him nap in the soft grass; the warmth of the sun shining down upon his speckled back.

I would like to take him to the dog beach. I’d watch him run freely and off-leash, paws kicking up sand as he joyfully retrieved thrown tennis balls.

I’d watch him approach the incoming waves curiously, as he contemplates if he wants to set a paw in the water or not. Would he quiver uncertainly at the water’s edge? Or would he dive in and paddle around, glancing back at the shore with a wide-mouthed, tongue-hanging-out doggie grin?

I want to watch him snuffle and snort, romping around with all the other dogs at the sandy sea.

I would like to take him for a walk.

Just a peaceful, calming stroll around my block, pausing every few yards, allowing him to sniff and explore the many strange and unfamiliar California scents.

Then, at the end of the day, I’d return him to you, magically from my home to yours. He would curl up on the floor beside you, looking up at your face with sweet, sparkling eyes that say: Oh, what a wonderful day I’ve had!

He will lick your extended hand and yawn a huge, wide-mouthed yawn, flashing his pink tongue, before settling down for a long snooze at his master’s feet.

photo: http://instagram.com/waylonlewis


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Editor: Jenna Penielle Lyons

Photos: Courtesy of Waylon Lewis

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Read 8 comments and reply

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