May 9, 2014

A Buddha Bowl for the Ages. ~ Jessica Sandhu {Recipe}

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“It is health that is real wealth and not pieces of gold and silver.” ~ Mahatma Gandhi

I can’t recall my first buddha bowl but somehow eating and creating them just became something I did when I wanted to feel good.

The buddha bowl ultimately consists of three main parts—raw or cooked veggie (scraps); some kind of a grain such as brown rice, quinoa or millet; and a delicious sauce.

Putting together a buddha bowl at home is a great way to use leftovers or food that is about to turn before it goes to waste. Personally, I often have cooked quinoa at the ready in the fridge making it much easier to pull it together without much fuss.

Some people (like me) add avocado and top it with a spritz or two of Bragg Amino Acids. The real key to making this easy to eat are to have the veggies chopped, and if you end up using kale, massage it with real love beforehand!

Let’s get into creating this visionary bowl!

First things first—start with a grain:

>> Millet
>> Quinoa
>> Brown Rice

Second—add the veggies, and, oh what fun this can be, as anything can make in there (cooked or raw):

>> Spinach
>> Kale
>> Broccoli
>> Carrots
>> Cauliflower
>> Beets
>> Red or Green onion
>> Cucumber
>> Sprouts
>> Radish

Lastly—the sauce and this is where it really matters (below is something simple yet so delicious):

>> Olive oil
>> Vinegar
>> Salt
>> Pepper

Some folks out there might like a peanut, tahini or maybe even a miso-ginger sauce to top it off. Just be sure not to use too much as you want to keep the dish light and light tasting!

This is an easy and powerful way to stay healthy after a yoga practice, run, any kind of exercise really or can be an easy lunchbox opportunity. Ideal for those wondering what the heck to do with all of the weird foods left over from a few nights of cooking or out. Heck, even if you have meat or sweet potato, you can surely find a way to make a buddha bowl with them and not waste a darn thing!

The possibilities are endless really. By the way, not sure where exactly the name came from!

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