May 5, 2014

Advantages of Small Boobs (SFW Cartoon).

photo courtesy Eugene Wei

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“Necklaces look great regardless of booby size. Also, girls with big boobs can still stuff things into their bras…that’s not a small chest only thing. Yoga poses tend to be easier for small chests though 😮 and it’s easier to find smaller bras…but I think you should love your boobies at any size because boobs are great and yay boobs.”

Of course, either way, you’re human. There’s advantages to both sides. Stereotypes never help (big breasted women are dumb, slutty, small-breasted women are intelligent, whatever).

 cartoon boobs

Moral of the story: whatever our body type, as long as we’re healthy, self-kindness is beautiful. We’re allllll “real” women or men, and okay as we are–whatever our heritage, faith, height, curves, thinness.

small breasts tiny boobs


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Read 21 comments and reply

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