May 16, 2014

Hero Cat Saves Boy From Dog. {Video} ~ Amanda Fleming Taylor

Youtube cat saves boy from dog

Who needs a guard dog when you have a guard cat?

This cat protects his human like a boss:

The timing of this attack, brings National Dog Bite Prevention Week (May 19-25, 2014) into sharp focus.

The National Human Society recommends the following tips to help prevent attacks from occurring:

>> Pay attention to a dog’s body language, especially if the animal appears to have a tensed body, fixed stare, yawns frequently. Or, if it attempts to back away, has a furrowed brow, stiff tail, the whites of the eyes showing or flattened ears to its skull.
>> Resist the urge to run away screaming. Dogs are hardwired to chase, and this will only aggravate and activate this tendency.
>> Back away slowly from the dog, in as calm a manner as possible.
>> If you are attacked, attempt to put something (a jacket, shirt, purse) in the animal’s mouth. Get something in between you and the dog.
>> If all else fails, roll up into a ball and protect your vital organs, neck and face.

The occurrence of fatal dog attacks, while increasing, is still a relatively rare occurrence. Many dog attacks can be prevented by awareness and simple prevention techniques.


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