If I Die Today. ~ Kristin Monk {Poem}

Via Kristin Diversi
on May 17, 2014
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I may die today.

But I probably won’t.

Statistically speaking,
I am less likely to die
Jumping from a plane
Than crossing the street
In front of my house
In this city
That has so quickly
Begun to feel like home

(I have been home-less far too long).

I may die today.
Something about
Inviting the possibility
Looking into her face
I pause
To collect
To assess
To wonder…

If I die today.

(and really, we are dying, every-day).

I no longer seek my own destruction
Having found it, and survived it
I now seek life

(and, oh, it has been sweet).

If I die today
I want you to know
I love you
You mattered
Darling, you have become a part of me.

(all of you).

(and here, you rest, always dear).

If I die today
It is not without regrets
I could have been better
I could have been many things
Alas, all I ever was
Was me.

(remember me fondly, but please, never sanctify me).

If I die today
Know that I had finally found a path
I had just begun to walk it
But the ground was firm beneath my feet
The words freed me
And my heart was happy.

(I was alive, in ways that I never dreamed).

If I die today,
I am sorry.
I have regrets.
I have been small, and mean, and petty.
I thought of it, every day.
And I hoped to learn, and be better, every night.

(oh, how tragically fast and short a life truly is).

If I die today,
I found the moonbeams.
I climbed the peach trees.
I had given up, you know,
But I saw what it was to be seen, for me,
And I saw another, perfectly imperfect, whole and complete,
And, for the first time, I made plans,
And had dreams.
Of Together.

(dearest, remember my smile, but do not miss me).

If I die today,
Please do not grieve.
I found almost everything I had searched for.
I have loved, and been loved.
My heart was full, and happy.

(And, really, how much can one small being ask?)

If I die today,
Celebrate my life.
And yours.

(and be joyful).

If I die today,

I died free.


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Editor: Renée Picard

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About Kristin Diversi

Kristin Diversi is a star child, born and bred in rural New Jersey and currently enjoying the good coffee and fried chicken in Durham, North Carolina. After her favorite auntie introduced her to yoga over a decade ago, Kristin grounded her practice in the foundation of loving kindness, and today she strives to move from that place. She finds that each day brings new opportunities to find yoga in, and through, our lives, just as every day is a new chance to practice being a little more patient, and a little more kind, to others, as well as to ourselves. Kristin has a Master's degree in Nutrition and is dedicated to empowering people with the resources to change their health, future, and lives. Find the things that make you come alive- and go do them. Become friends with Kristin at her blog, on Facebook, or @talksofyouandme!


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