May 4, 2014

Linger in this Moment. ~ Jessica Sandhu {Poem}

sitting umbrella nature woman lady girl pink outside rain weather

the moment is now

as the sun shines on my head

warming my body 

warming my heart.

the moment is now

holding me suspended 

filling me with awareness

filling me with life’s prana.

the moment is now

giving me pause to enjoy people

smiling on them 

as they smile on me.

the moment is now

as I see things with clarity

no where to go

no one to be.

the moment is now

as I lay here 

breeze blowing in my hair

birds chirping in the trees.

the moment is now

washing away insecurities

pouring love over my soul

pouring love into my heart.

the moment is now

giving me the space to be me

dropping away ideals

dropping away the bull.

the moment is now

as I breathe in the air of today 

exhaling thoughts of yesterday

and releasing the hold of tomorrow.

let me enjoy this moment now and learn to let it go.

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Apprentice Editor: Jessica Sandhu/ Editor: Travis May

Photos: Pixoto


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