May 28, 2014

Make the Most of Your Vitamins & Supplements for Superhero Power.


As a person whose story has shaped everything I do, I am endlessly fascinated by Others who are trailblazers, those who thrive on making a positive imprint on the world.

This means anyone who is living like a Superhero and sharing with others how to do the same.

Recently I attempted to Balance The Debate: To Multivitamin, or Not. On my search I encountered expertise in the multivitamin and supplement industry that may shed some light on how anyone can feel super human, living in optimal health every day.

How to live like a superhero (or at least feel like one)

1.   Eat unprocessed, organic, local produce when possible

Best possible Superhero scenario is to eat organic food, home-cooked on a daily basis with fresh vegetables and produce. Yep, that’s right. Superheros cook and eat at home. Gone are the days of the image of stay-at-home mom losing out on joys of life. That IS the essence of life, to provide high-quality care and sustenance to one’s family.

2.   Take multivitamins and supplements to support your diet

Expert recommendations for the average person to feel their optimum every day (especially after the age of 30): Vitamins, minerals, omega-3, wide-spectrum antioxidants, botanical extracts, coenzyme Q10.

When choosing a Superhero multivitamin, be on the lookout for supplements whose ingredients come from highly bioavailable forms, such as D3 (cholecalciferol) for vitamin D, alpha-tocopherol for vitamin E, chelated minerals, etc. When it comes to herbal and fruit extracts, look for standardized extracts, other wise there is little consistency and potency. Fish oil must come from a reliable source and be independently tested for the absence of heavy metals.

3.  The Popeye Combination

At times our bodies excel beyond average. Other times the mind and body lag way behind. And there is no can of magic spinach we can gulp which will allow us to regain Superhuman capacities.

There is good news, though.

Given recent advances in science, technology, and merging of brilliant minds, experts are bringing to the forefront the finest in combination of supplements and multivitamins. The new advances and knowledge essentially provide us with Popeye’s Spinach for humans, in vitamin form. The details are only crucial for those who wish to overwhelm themselves with bottles upon bottles of supplements, multivitamins, schedules, interactions, and schedules:

Don’t combine Calcium and Iron, they can inhibit absorption of each other up to five fold. Fat soluble vitamins (A, E, D, K) and fat-soluble micronutrients need presence of fat to be absorbed well. Coffee and tea greatly inhibit absorption of calcium and iron and some other micronutrients. A full list of interactions may be found here.

The great news for the smart Superheros among us is the readily available Popeye Spinach-like products that do all of the thinking for us, and leave us to our Superhuman saving the world causes. Some ideas include: Gaia individual herbal compounds, Pure Planet Alma-C, Udo’s choice oil blend, and Balanced-Trio’s combination multivitamin.

4.    Don’t skip the basics: a good night’s sleep, self-care time and general relaxation

Transcendental meditation, yoga, sunshine, and simply moving are some of the things Natalia Lukina, a modern-day Superhero does to embody her Superhero-ness, beyond taking her daily multivitamins.

5.  Fit in a Superhero activity every day

Whether yoga is what energizes you and keeps you feeling young and healthy, playing with your children, a long motorcycle ride through the mountains, or beautiful, passionate, loving sex with your partner, be sure to attend to your Superhuman nature: the parts of you which feel exhilarated, alive, impassioned, ready to take on the world, invincible.

6.  Take notes from other Superheros

Famous inventor, futurist and Google exec Ray Kurzweil is writing his book “Transcend: Nine Steps to Living Well Forever.” He’s known for leading a very healthy lifestyle and taking 150 different supplements each day. At the age of 66 he’s in perfect health and testing much younger on biological aging tests.



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