May 7, 2014

Protecting Your Energy Field. ~ Wendy Greene

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Our energy fields are precious.

It’s important to do spiritual maintenance on them as we are exposed to daily negativity that can seep through its vulnerable cracks and zap us its of vital energy. Increasing our awareness of individuals and situations that drain our energy can empower us to do something about it.

How do we even begin to increase our awareness?

One tool is to pretend we are looking down at our bodies watching our actions and the actions of people we interact with as if we were watching a movie. Notice details about the situation you may not have seen before. Write them down if you need to.

Are you experiencing a great deal of stress? Vivid nightmares? Are you having difficulty meditating without being inundated by negative emotions and imagery about the person or situation that is causing you stress?

Depression? Appetite or energy issues?

Doubting your life direction when prior to the encounter with the individual or situation you had grounded awareness.

In extreme cases you may have experienced suicidal thoughts with no real logical or rational root of the cause.
If you are encountering or have encountered these things then my heart goes out to you. The good news is, there is something we can do about it.

Why is this happening?

Energy systems run both ways—like a highway. If someone is feeding off our energy then we will also receive their energy—positive or negative.

These unbalanced negative ties to people and situations can have a negative impact on our lives, and be detrimental to our holistic health if we aren’t proactive about our own personal needs, and maintaining emotional boundaries.

Sometimes the energy zapper may even be us.

Try not to judge yourself with any sort negativity. If you are drawing your energy inappropriately from another individual then police yourself and stop.

Respect them and respect yourself.

If we aren’t the perpetrator, but continually surround ourselves with people and things that makes us feel stressed and crappy then there is also an emotional wound that needs healing within.

Start the healing process by recognizing situations and people that are detrimental.

1) Distance yourself from what is causing you energetic harm.

I used to train occasionally at this Crossfit gym. Most of the athletes were very welcoming and kind but there was just something about it that made me feel terrible inside. I couldn’t quite put my finger on it, but every time I trained there I felt weak, vulnerable, sad, moody and uncertain.

I had to find a different gym to train at because the vampire like energy of some athletes and the building itself was creating a vortex of stress I wasn’t strong enough to block. Even though other athletes seemed to train there without a problem I literally felt like I was going insane.

Another experience of an indirect attack happened to me when I was getting tattooed. I have over 20 hours of tattooing into my 3/4 sleeve and during the process my artist started wrestling with his own dark energies. One day, after a tattoo session, I became emotionally inconsolable. I experienced nausea and an emotional hangover complete with dry heaving for days.

I knew what had happened. He had broken my energy field with a tattoo needle and I was suffering the effects. I immediately cut all ties with him and wished him well in my heart. He’s a really neat and unique individual who was going through his own internal struggle. I found a new artist to finish the piece I felt comfortable with.

2) If someone is attacking your energy, resist the urge to attack them back.

When we are attacked, we feel anger and resentment and sometimes retaliate with negative words, thoughts or actions. We don’t even have to be around the person or situation to feel energetically attacked. After distancing ourselves from a situation physically, we may still feel psychological effects for awhile. If you notice this happening, or a situation evokes this negative behavior then pause and gain some perspective. If we do or think with the negative intent to inflict harm on another it is not healthy for our own spirit. That whole karma thing? That applies here.

Use visual imagery to heal from the situation and block it from coming into your energy field. If pictures of the person keep popping up in your mind, engulf them in positive healing light energy and send them on their way. You don’t have to forgive them and allow them or the situation back into your life. Forgive yourself. Let go of the expectation of who or what the situation could be if circumstances were different. I like to picture shooting gold glitter out of a cannon at these dis-empowering images sending them out of my energy field.

3) Be strong and proactive about working on yourself.

No one can fill emotional voids in your heart. You have to develop the emotional strength to be responsible for your own well being and energetic health. It will take constant awareness to stay energetically fit. If this is a regular occurrence in your life and there are unhealed emotional wounds you may benefit from professional help in the form of counseling, alternative therapies, biofeedback, EMDR, homeopathy, or a combination.

I like to carry around black tourmaline, or black obsidian to dissolve dark energies I may come in contact with. I also do guided meditations visually breaking these highways connecting me to energy vampires. Even changing little things can make a dramatic difference. The more we continue down the healing path, the more will be revealed to us. One step at a time, peeling through the layers of the past without fear, or the desire to suppress pain as it surfaces so it can finally be released.

You may have to change your gym, some of your friends, your job, and/or be diligent about changing your own patterns of behavior to live a more fulfilled life. I send you love and light on your prosperous road of abundance and personal growth.



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Photo: Ildar Hutmacher / Pixoto

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