May 10, 2014

Sadie Nardini’s Response to the Haters. {Video}

screen shot Sadie Nardini May 2014

Hi, my fellow yogis and yoginis,

It’s come to my attention that there have been a few bloggers out there who seem to think that I’m all form and no substance.

They call me the ‘rockstar’ of yoga, and revel in pointing out what they see as my rampant superficiality.

I usually don’t answer the haters, because I’m secure in my knowledge and the life-changing, healing work I offer out there in the world. However, I thought it might help speak to the situation to show them, and you, dear reader, what actually goes on behind the scenes in the life of this humble yoga teacher.

You will see that what we do when no one’s looking is very serious, thoughtful and spiritual.

This is a video we took of an actual business meeting between me and my agents, Ava Taylor and Robyn Parets of YAMA Talent. It was Robyn’s first day on the job, we were having a business lunch, and I was giving them feedback on items in my contract’s rider (the addendum of a list of things I need to have in place to make my events run smoothly) for the first gig she’d done in Chicago.

I’d just returned from that trip, and needless to say, I wasn’t that happy–there was some additional training needed.

This is how it really happens, folks, aside from all the glamour and glitz that people assume. There are real details to take care of, and major items to deal with to give me and my students the best possible experience during my appearances.

Hopefully, this will put the whole ‘superficiality’ conversation to rest, and the haters will come to know, as I do, that it’s a full-time job to be this yogic, and it takes a village to raise a conscious leader.

Enjoy—and feel free to leave your accolades below.




Sadie’s Business Meeting Part Two

A response to the responses from Sadie:

Okay, apparently, some of you didn’t quite get the serious nature of this top-level, some might say “celebri-licious” yoga career.

So, I’ve decided to show you the other half of our behind-the-scenes business meeting, this time with Tyler McCoy, my co-teacher on the road and the co-creator of the Core Strength Vinyasa Yoga style.

You can see what lengths we go to in order to ensure the best possible student experience, even if it means we have to go through a challenging journey ourselves to get there.

Of course, any good partnership is about communication, and as you’re about to see, we care 150 percent about making sure that, on this team, everyone’s voices are heard, all for the sake of the students, of course.

We are, in the beginning and the end, and even over vino…here to serve.

Catch Tyler at TylerMcCoy.com.



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