May 15, 2014

The Innocence of Babyhood. {Poem} ~ Angkush Poonye

baby in cradle


Little Avni standing in her cradle;

Alone but not lonely;
Listening closely to the lashes of the haunting rain;
Amazed by the iridescence of the new-born sky;

Little Avni rejuvenating;
Imitating wind, the whistler;
And there flies the plane;
‘Maa! Maa!’ cries the bubbly soul;
Her chubby cheeks adding shimmers to the dark;

Reminding me of my own existence;
Striking me to:
Lessen the ebb and flow of my thoughts;
Commend the beauty of every being;
Enhance the world’s innocence.

The clocks stop ticking;
The rain making a pause;
As I catch my breath, Iittle Avni pointing her finger;
For me to step into her world, the ever colourful one.


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Apprentice Editor: Edith Lazenby/Editor: Rachel Nussbaum

Photo: Flickr Creative Commons

Read 2 Comments and Reply

Read 2 comments and reply

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