May 3, 2014

Truth Is like Medicine. ~ Ben Ralston {Poem}


Truth is like medicine

Hard to swallow


So many of us

Spend our lives

Putting out fires


Truth is like medicine


When it’s real

It’s wholesome

When it’s false

It’s poison


And so many people

Want to convince

Us that the real is false

And the false is real


In the last century

They made an industry

Out of selling lies

Prettily packaged

In our own desires

And insecurity


We sold our souls

And now they offer

to give them back

In return for clicks…

Empty lists

And positivity


Truth is like medicine


There’s not much good stuff around

You have to dig deep

And then what you find

Is that it’s either your own

Or it’s not that good for you


Make your own medicine my friend.


Or You may end up

Choking on

The truth.


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Editor: Renée Picard

Photo: courtesy of the author

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Ben Ralston

Ben Ralston has been practising personal development—necessity being the Mother of invention—since he was about six years old. He’s been teaching and sharing what he’s learnt along the way for a couple of decades. His main thing is Heart of Tribe retreats—whose very purpose is to help you fall back in love with life, no less. Leading these retreats alongside his woman Kara-Leah Grant—also an elephant journal writer (that’s how they met!)—they combine a deep well of lineage-based yoga teaching experience, with expertise in healing trauma and various other methods of personal development. Ben also works with clients one-on-one via Skype, writes, makes videos from time to time, and is passionate about parenting.
He lives in an intentional, tribal community in the hills of Croatia, where you might find him gardening barefoot and talking to the rocks. Connect with Ben on Facebook or YouTube or check out his website for more info.