May 17, 2014

Whole Yoga Class on My Back. ~ Michael Mark {Poem}


savasana woman eyes closed lying down face

All 60 minutes of Slow Flow

on my back.


Not one supine twist,

didn’t sit up in chair pose,

no end-of-practice-hands-



I listened to the teacher’s

flowing voice,

never realizing before


how she works it, bends it,

conducts her instrument –

our bodies.


Then lets them go.


I heard the breathing of the class –

a smooth synchronized



that shattered

during transition

from High Plank to Chat Taranga.


The thuds and grinds of feet

on mats,

cracks of joints opening.


Singular sweat drops.

A cloudburst.


Grunts in Boat Pose,

cooing in Pigeon.


Is this yoga?  I felt the edge

in my mind’s voice.


Teachers invite us to listen

to our bodies.


My Body said, you need

to do this.


I will bring this listening

to my practice


on my feet,

on my knees,

on my back and

around to my life.

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Editor: Catherine Monkman

Photo: Amy at Flickr 

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