10 Ways to Rock Your Morning.

Via Janne Robinson
on Jun 24, 2014
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When we first wake up in the morning, we are like babies. Our minds are soft, hazy and gentle.

1. Give yourself an extra hour of morning grace.

You know the amount of survival time necessary to fly by the seat of your pants and make it to work. I do, and usually I factor in one snooze and ten minutes for classic “Robinson flail” to get me sliding into work juuuuust on time. Usually with toast in one hand, pottery (non to-go) mug in the other.

What if you tossed on another, I don’t know, hour to your mornings? If you usually wake up at 7 a.m., wake up at 6 a.m. today.

2. Set your alarm clock label to an intention or affirmation for your day.

My alarm currently says “You’re going to do kick ass things today” so that when I open my eyes the first thing I see is a big fat wad of happy positivity. Even if I’ve seen it for a month straight it’s like a little brain hug each time I open my eyes. What kind of day do you want to create?

3. Lay in bed and listen to this song.

4. Have morning sex.

Well, duh. Having an orgasm releases endorphins—this is a no brainer. If you’re single, do you have a hand? M-a-s-t-u-r-b-a-t-i-o-n baby, no shame. Self love, self pleasure, with a partner…same same, but different. Start your day with messy haired satisfied vibes.

5. Take a moment when you first wake up to go outside.

While you are still stumbling around starting to make use of your body and the day, perhaps while the kettle boils on the stove for your coffee, step outside. Wrap yourself in the fuzzy blanket lying on the couch and sit on your steps, go for a walk barefoot in the grass, chop some kindling, walk down to the mailbox even if you aren’t expecting mail.

Get some fresh air and start your day connected to mother earth. Fill your ears with the sounds of the day waking, smell the morning dew and feel the sunshine.

6. Move your body, everybody.

Using our bodies gives us energy. You do this in whatever way feeds you. Some mornings it’s the sound of my yoga mat unrolling greeting the walls of my cabin, some days it’s a run, and other mornings it’s a full blown dance party in my bathroom while I pretend to brush my teeth. (If you had morning sex, you can cross this off your list.)

Mindful bonus:

7. Champion days start with breakfast.

Make time to nourish your body, no matter how busy you think you are, you have time to give your body the nutrients it needs to have a energized day. Honor your body’s well being. If you are like me and like to wake up slow without making a huge breakfast first thing try cutting some fruit the night before, dip apples in peanut butter, instant oatmeal, yogurt and granola. Make time to have breakfast—your body’s worth it.

8. Reach for a book instead of your cellphone.

When we first wake up in the morning, we are like babies. Our minds are soft, hazy and gentle. We stretch a little, cuddle into our sheets, yawn. We hit go on starting our brains up slowly.

What we feed our brains is always important, but the first hour might be the most important. Instead of firing up your laptop and reading emails, or checking your Instagram and Facebook first thing, reach for a book. Leave your laptop or phone downstairs and pull that dinosaur of an alarm clock out of storage if you need to.

Our brains are like permeable membranes letting knowledge and information seep in and out; let the first thing that stimulates them be the words of a poet we love.

If you don’t have any poetry, try reading this:

The kindly search for growth, the gracious de-
sire to exist of the flowers, my near ecstasy at existing
among them
The privilege to witness my existence-you too
must seek the sun…

My books piled up before me for my use
waiting in space where I placed them, they
haven’t disappeared, time’s left its remnants and qual-
ities for me to use–my words piled up, my texts, my 
manuscripts, my loves.

I had a moment of clarity, saw the feeling in
the heart of things, walked out to the garden crying.
Saw the red blossoms in the night light, sun’s 
gone, they had all grown, in a moment, and were wait-
ing stopped in time for the day sun to come and give

Flowers which as in a dream at sunset I watered
faithfully not knowing how much I loved them.
I am so lonely in my glory–except they too out
there–I looked up–those red bush blossoms beckon-
ing and peering in the window waiting in the blind love,
their leaves too have hope and are upturned top flat
to the sky to receive–all creation open to receive–the 
flat earth itself.

~ Allen Ginsberg

9. But first, let me have a cup of coffee.

If you don’t drink coffee—you’re a weirdo, and skip this point. If you do, I invite you to revel in the smell of the coffee beans grinding beneath your finger tips, and the way the French press sassily presses back when you are impatient. Get back into bed and drink two cups this morning—why? Because you are a morning rock star and have time for it because you woke up an hour early. Boom.

9.5. Shower.

Showering is kind of for grown ups, so this point is like half a point. (Go dry shampoo!) Perhaps showers wake us up and make us feel like we are shedding a new skin because water is therapeutic, washing us clean of any emotional debris floating around in our bodies. Lakes, waterfalls and oceans also count as showers in my books.

10. Marvel at yourself.

Instead of looking into the mirror with horror at your baby hairs standing on rebellious end, fretting about the wrinkle in your shirt, or changing fives times, stand in front of the mirror and marvel at yourself. There is only one you in this whole damn universe. Yep, you are looking at her.

Give yourself a massive inner high five for being awesome and carry on in all your youness and glory.



Are We Cheating Ourselves Each Morning?

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Bonus: three Buddhist mindfulness tips for Everyday Life:

Mindful bonus:


About Janne Robinson

Janne Robinson is a poet, writer, bushwalker, idealist and animal activist currently residing in Vancouver Island. She cuts kindling with her teeth, eats Bukowski for breakfast and makes the habit of saying the word feminist as much as possible. She surfs naked, pees in the woods, and loves whiskeys that swing their hips when they walk and know what they are doing. Janne's life-work is to be transparent. She makes a living off hanging her dirty and clean laundry out for the world to see. Her mission is to give others permission to also walk and exist with the same transparency. You can connect with her on TwitterInstagram and Facebook. Please also visit and connect with her Facebook writer's page. Check out Janne's website.


28 Responses to “10 Ways to Rock Your Morning.”

  1. Janka says:

    LOVE it! I felt totally chilled and relaxed reading it. Imagine how I feel actually doing all these things in the morning! Thanks!
    PS – who is the musician and this song? Love it too! <3

  2. Kayla says:

    How about meditation? Since, “When we first wake up in the morning, we are like babies. Our minds are soft, hazy and gentle,” we should take advantage of the quieter mind and sit in silence focusing on our breath or whatever meditation we are currently practicing. After that, I would try some of the others, like going outside, affirmations and not using the cell or computer for an hour. Thanks for the suggestions! Om Guru Dev…

  3. Kait says:

    Love this!!

  4. fredzep93 says:

    I might just start living by this list, thanks! I do about half of these things already, but not in the routine you suggest. I particularly love number 2!

  5. Jennie says:

    Ah, this is just what I needed to read! Trying to solidify a morning routine to energize myself for the day, and these tips are magnificent. Thank you!

  6. jannerobinson says:

    Hi Janka,

    Awesome! Glad it hit home for you. Musician is Vance Joy, and the song is called Emmylou. He has the sweetest voice.


  7. jannerobinson says:

    Totally! Incorporate that for sure. I meditate sometimes, but not often. Its why it didn't make it in, wasn't on my mind 🙂

    Heres to your mornings,


  8. jannerobinson says:

    Thanks Kait 🙂

  9. jannerobinson says:

    Wohoooo, awesome.

    Some of them rocked my world, I don't do all of them every morning but I strive to. Thanks for writing me.



  10. jannerobinson says:

    You and me both. Always good to remember the importance of mornings. Thanks for the thank you Jennie 🙂



  11. Susanne says:

    Love it, especially the going outside! I live in Bali at the moment with a beautiful garden and view of the rice fields but tend to forget that in the mornings, wanting my coffee and iphone 😉

  12. fredzep93 says:

    Well this morning I nailed numbers 1, 2, 5, 9, 9.5 and a little bit of 4 😉 Actually managed to get stuff done today as well so I've proved your list works! I'll be using it more often now 🙂

  13. kern says:

    This is great! I think that I may do about half of these on my really good mornings – lazy wake up, run, coffee, breakfast, appreciate self, shower. Not so much morning sex but hey, this could happen too. Love the EmmyLou song! Thanks for the fun thoughts.

  14. Mindy Kittay says:

    I love this! I would add my favorite morning activity – rolling around and playing with my dog in bed, making her yip with joy!

  15. Tamara Miles Gantt says:


  16. workerbee says:

    so beautiful, thank you…. and easy to do if you don't have to go to work every day. i'll strive for saturdays and sundays. who has this kind of time unless they work less than full time?

  17. Barbara says:

    Just thinking about trying a few tomorrow… Like eating breakfast with a book outside.

  18. Marci says:

    LOve the song and the tips, especially stepping outside! Thank you : )

  19. Maria says:

    Really enjoyed reading this post, thank you for the tips. I combine 5 and 6 by going out for a walk (or run) every morning. I find that I'm so much more efficient and start my day with a real spring in my step, especially if the sun is shining 🙂 If I don't go out in the morning it always seems to take me longer to get going.

  20. Joan says:

    Spare a thought for the men who can't reach orgasm – but some of the gentler things associated with early morning waking might just allow them to come more easily. It all gets a bit too serious later in the day!

  21. Betsy says:

    Awesomeness, all of it! This was fun to read while cuddled up in bed sipping coffee…after having set the alarm early…after having walked out on the porch…after a little bit of good ol' #4 (lol). Thanks!!

  22. Amanda says:

    One of my favourite elephant posts –

  23. Kim says:

    Simply awesome! Thank you!

  24. Marianna says:

    The more I read your stuff, the more I like your life style and statement. it resonates with me even though I live in the furthest possible environment than yours (think law firm job, big polluted over populated city, etc). keep it up, girl!

  25. Very nice article – what you do in the morning is so important. Get your routine right and you're setup for the rest of the day. I won't go anywhere near my inbox, the news or any other distractions when I get up. I like to keep my mind clear and do the things that matter to me, before I even think about looking at anything else.

  26. Tyler says:

    You’re better off skipping the breakfast and the stimulants…

  27. Ryan says:

    I read a book called the Miracle Morning that echoes number 1 on your list. An extra hour in the morning is a HUGE boon – you can get so much more done. I use the time to meditate for 20 minutes, play the piano, and write down my goals for the day. It's definitely worth a try – but it can be a bit tough to give up the sleep…

  28. Tom says:

    *lie in bed.