June 20, 2014

5 Keys to Abundance Through Our Habits. ~ Brandon Gilbert

Photo: Pink Sherbet Photography via Flickr

Everyone wants to be happy.

There is an intrinsic desire in all of us to keep increasing the “good” feeling. Good feelings keep our organism functioning optimally.

Often times in the New Age movement there is a promise that if we take on this particular lifestyle, make our vision board, and “visualize it” then we will get there. Some of these activities can focus us on our internal experience while others become manipulative, leading our thoughts to be centered around a “should”— the “should” that we must do XYZ in order to get what we want to be happy.

This is a very different mind-set than being present and sourcing our abundance from awareness.

Prior to the launch of my business ventures, I was very shy, reserved and closed off. I never would have imagined that my adding more value to the world would involve filming videos and offering information that helps people empower their health.

It all started with my interest in tonic herbs. The herbs increased my energy levels and focus. I noticed that I was able to do things that had felt very stressful before. I began to do more, and realize how not stressed out I was—how happy in the moment I was beginning to feel.

The more energy and vitality we have, the more we can give.

It causes us to create more and be a positive force of transformation in the world around us.

Abundance can be defined as an increase in our ability to bring value to the present moment—with that awareness other aspects of what it means to have wealth become a natural part of our life.

There are five particular keys I have found to be helpful in my experience of abundance:

1. Know that abundance starts on the inside. It is the experience of feeling good, and being inspired and creative.

2. Vote with your dollars. This is an issue of quality versus quantity. Where we spend our money can have a direct influence on our own personal vision of a happy world and the harmony of the planet at large.

3. Support other people who are working hard to create the vision we want to see. Take care of our selves and work toward a shared vision.

4. Realize that the choices we make throughout our day have an impact on long-term outcomes as well as our every day life—simple decisions that can change the course and direction of our lives.

5. Notice what choices are guiding our world view.

Where are we investing our resources?

Where is our time, energy and attention going on a daily basis?

What we focus on has an affect on how we behave and act.

Our time, energy and attention are seeds that we are planting. Every thought, feeling as well as what we put into our bodies is determining our life. When we come back to the present moment we can make better decisions—decisions that can change our life. When we develop the reflex or the internal muscle habit of making better choices, of feeling better, and of being healthier our life begins to take off and realizing our potential becomes second nature.

It is hard to give what we don’t have, so in order to bring more value to the world, we must first create quality habits, thoughts and emotions. Often times it is good to ask questions like:

How would our life be different if we had more energy?

How would it be different if we slept better?

What if we had a better immune system or digestive system?

What if we knew that our liver was being protected?

What would our life be like with more inspiration, creativity and mental focus?

Inspiring others with presence and encouraging others to look at things differently adds value to the world. Becoming a positive force is one of the best ways to create abundance in our own lives and the world around us.


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Photo Credit: Pink Sherbet Photography via Flickr

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