June 10, 2014

Calming the Soul & Re-Inspiring the Spirit.

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Every ounce of life has a soul who thrusts forward and continues the momentum of living and loving.

Whether baby boomer, generation x, millennial or even some elementary school kids, there is no shortage of creativity seeping out during this new paradigm process taking place.

We are waking up to just how magnificent our world is, with eyes wide open.

My generation tends to be a solid bunch of rebels, or more so, my own circle of boomer women who have had their babies, earned their keep in the kitchen and bedroom, and travel around with lingering memories of days gone by.

We want to pare down our belongings, pack up our things, envision the likes of “Thelma and Louise” and hit the road.

If we can’t do it in real time, we adventure forth in our hearts. Throwing caution to the wind doesn’t have to be reserved for the older generation; any pioneering spirit can consume our breath and take us to places reserved only for the corners of our mind.

In all honesty, taking a trip fires up the wildness in all of us.

It lifts us up out of our seemingly stagnant lives, carries our hearts to expansion, opens up new avenues of possibilities and freedom and perhaps reinvents whatever wheel we set in motion eons ago.

Onward and upward isn’t just some wrapped up innuendo, determined to give that appealing energy destined to make people swoon over the words; it’s an actual doing of the impossible, the action of living out what was intended and manifested years, or maybe months ago. It is a physical showing up for life.

If you find yourself a bit stuck and in need of some ways to transcend your tired heart, even if you considered the past three months of astrological activity a bit frenzied (I certainly did) in transforming or shifting something within, here are a few ways that might help to calm your soul and re-inspire that trailblazing gut of yours.

Whether rocket scientist, artist, writer, yogi, human computer, martial arts master, inventor or cancer survivor, it’s imperative to recognize what floats your boat and how to lift the anchor and sail out from the harbor.

1. Have a slight plan.

Okay, I’m not a fan of planning to the nth degree, but having a little idea of where it is I want to go, especially if it’s in the physical sense, eases my performance anxiety somewhat. As a sensitive soul, planning it out requires a step-by-step annunciation of everything written down during full and new moons with my angels summoned during meditation. It doesn’t need to be super logical, it just needs to be true.

2. Is this fantasy or reality?

This question is an appropriate one to ask your heart. Can I make this newfound way of life possible given all that I currently have? If the first thing that enters your mind is “yes,” then go for it.

If there is too much back and forth energy due to doubt and lack of faith, it might be best to toss it back in the washing machine, give it another short cycle spin, and allow the idea to re-emerge with a more concrete feeling in your heart.

Change is scary. Change evokes more emotions than we humans oftentimes know what to do with. Allow yourself to be guided. Your spirit knows what to do. And by all means, get out of the way.

3. Read and Write

Maintaining a personal manifesto of your daily happenings will no doubt leave your body all tingly and joyful and full of wonder.

Reading books about other journeys that have occurred before you might offer up the motivation to add to your manifesto, or simply give you the impetus to gas up the car and go, or buy that plane ticket to somewhere new.

These two daily habits are crucial to forward momentum and building your own personal torch-bearing nature. Learning from the habits of others helps to see the world from another’s eyes. I absolutely have to place a stash of paper with pen on the passenger seat on a road trip. It might sound risky to write and drive, but I tend to pull over and jot resonating stuff down to refer to later.

4. Clear out internal debris

Old habits, past patterning, karmic relationships, insufferable conditions of living and loving, this all has to be cleared up and tended to. Wherever the dust bunnies have settled in your ever-evolving self, they have to find their way into the dust buster to never be seen again.

Starting over with a clean slate is like smelling freedom for the first time as a rescued animal. The exuberance and gratitude of that first step towards newness is almost too much to bear, but it’s precisely that step that will solidify your place in the pioneering world.

I always feel I have so much more to learn when I shed even a tiny piece of an old pattern. If I were to focus on my age and what I’m supposed to be doing, I doubt I would have any inspiration left in the fibers of my body. Clearing out debris sort of prepares me for that forever young feeling, and I am 100 percent into lasting torch-bearing tactics.

Sit still, breathe, allow, and listen.

June is the month to give Mother Nature another round of big time acceptance. She wants to carry your spirit and love forth.

If you have a legacy to leave, let it be something you are passionate about and completely dedicated to. This alone will keep your pioneering ways alive and yearning, and no doubt healthy and real.


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Editor: Emily Bartran

Photo: martinak15/Flickr

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